On Being An Outlaw – YouTube

I don’t know who this chick is, but I must say I’m pretty impressed. I wish I had this kind of speaking ability. She may be following a script but it looks like she’s just coming up with this off the top of her head and beautifully describing my own opinions about anarchism.

I particularly like what she says about the two parties. I get so frustrated with liberals because I want to call myself a liberal since I agree with most of their social ideals like equality and the idea of healthcare for all but they are so hypocritical about the way they go about it, vehemently supporting gay rights while ignoring other sexual and social minorities and attacking the republicans every time they violate the constitution while ignoring it themselves when it doesn’t serve their purpose.

Anway, this Josie The Outlaw makes me think that maybe I should make a few YouTube videos myself. Of course, I would have to read from a script because my brain, as well as it does work, functions slower than Josie’s. I could do my 35 Ways Criminal Justice is Counter-Productive to Peace on Earth article, my 22 Ways Religion Promotes Crime, and my Life Management Skills (I think I’d want to eat a bunch of shrooms and film that one while I’m out in the woods.) I really think I should try and do this because videos have much more of a chance to go viral than a blog post, but I have little to no experience in video production so it would be a little bit of a learning curve.