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Violence in New Eden

A couple weeks ago I quit my job after realizing I needed a break from programming for a little while. Now I am happily unemployed and for the next month or two, am not going to be thinking about writing code. Hopefully this will give me the chance to do a mental reset and regain my passion for development.

My latest book of EVE Online stories.In the meantime I’m working on my writing. I finished compiling and editing my fourth book, called Violence in New Eden: 4 Brutal Tales in the World of EVE Online and published it on Amazon Kindle. I have also nearly finished my fifth book which I’m calling, The Water Glass Collection: 10 Regular Old Short Stories. This will be a collection of my non-science-fiction shorts. I’m hoping to get that published by next week when I go away to a five day sex party in the woods. After that I go back to a novel that I’ve been working on since my teenage years.

Anyway, Violence In New Eden is EVE Online fan fiction so the players are the target audience but the stories should be understandable to most science fiction fans.

I am in need desperate need of reviews. People don’t like to buy books on Amazon unless they can read a couple reviews. If you want to read my books for free and promise to write a review on Amazon, I will be happy to send you a free copy. Just contact me and ask. This goes for all of my books on Amazon until I get, lets say, 10 reviews per book.

If you don’t want to contact me or write a review, you can download this book to your kindle for free on these dates:

  • July 31, 2014
  • August 1, 2014
  • August 29, 2014
  • September 12, 2014 (I intend to make all my books free on this date)
  • October 17, 2014

New Sci-Fi – The Day She Started Counting

Today I released a new story called The Day She Started Counting, an EVE Online fan-fiction piece about a little girl in the Amarrian Empire who murders a police officer in an attempt to protect her father’s illegal hobby of assisting runaway slaves. I wrote this around 2010 I think and it’s one of my favorite fiction pieces that I’ve ever written. The editor of EON magazine told me that he would find a way to put this in the magazine even though it was twice their maximum length. His only complaint was the title: I Killed Him, Daddy. I hated that title too and totally agreed that it needed to change before we could publish it. I eventually realized The Day She Started Counting was a much better title. I hope that’s not why they never got around to publishing it, but now the magazine is out of business so I’m finally just going to post it here.

This is another one of those stories that depicts criminals as heroes. It’s funny just how common that is in books, movies and TV, and even when they’re anti-heroes like Walter White, we still identify with and root for their success. I find that so strange about our society. But the moment these same kind of criminals appear in real society, we suddenly hate them and want them to suffer and refuse to admit that they may have had real human reasons for committing their crimes. I mean, how many people really wanted to see Walter White thrown in prison and his family’s future destroyed? But that’s exactly what most people wish for when those exact same people exist in our real-world society… unless… of course, that criminal in the real world is someone we know personally. Nobody ever sees their own friends and family as being criminals. We look right through their crimes and we make excuses for them in the same way we do criminal characters in fiction stories. It’s only with the people we don’t know that we can be cold-hearted and genuinely support our criminal justice system.

Now, The Day She Stared Counting is about people rescuing slaves. Sure, they’re criminals, spitting in the face of their culture and established social order, willing to murder for their beliefs, but I think most people would read this and understand where they’re coming from and tell me these characters are different because they’re trying to rescue slaves, and nobody can support slavery.

Except that most Americans do support slavery. Most of us would never stand for the American version of the characters in this story. Our criminals in penitentiaries are basically used as slave labor these days. Would anyone really support someone who went to break them out, murdering a couple of police officers along the way, even if they were only releasing the non-violent criminals? No, we would hate them just as much as the Amarrian society hates my characters regardless of what we claim we believe about slavery.

And everyone knows that child slaves are being used over seas to produce much of our clothes, toys, nearly all our cell phones and God knows what else. Sure, we all say we’re opposed to slavery and are ashamed that we used to have slaves in this country, but the moment we have to pay a little more for our electronics, we forget all about that. Imagine if some corporate big-wig at Nike or The Gap were murdered in an attempt to stop those companies from keeping slaves in their manufacturing. Only the anarchists could stand for something like that because we’re so ingrained in our society’s distorted view of right and wrong and cause and effect. We’re only capable of seeing our own lives, our own wants and desires. We know logically that other people are suffering, and we claim to care about them, but we have no real empathy, so the moment we have to suffer in any way for their cause, all of a sudden we consider them monsters.

So it’s funny how fiction writers can get away with some really outlandish messages sometimes. I once saw an episode of The Drew Carey Show… at least I think that’s what it was. It was one of the only episodes of that show I ever saw, but it was a story of how he had sex in his early teens with a teacher, but he spent much of the episode talking about how much the experience had helped him socially and had actually been a significant benefit to his life. I could not understand how he could get away with so blatantly portraying child molestation in a positive light on network television. It’s strange how if you come out and say a message like this, it would be found horribly offensive by society, but if you bury it within characters that those same people can get to know, all of a sudden it’s acceptable and they will make whatever excuses they can to still see that character as being fundamentally different from the very same people in the real-world.

I think that’s one reason I love writing fiction. You tell lies in order to get to the truth. It allows people to get out of their own perspective and see things from a new perspective. The problem is that it’s so rare for people to carry that perspective over into the real world, to recognize that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are terrorists, and that the real-world terrorists have reasons and justifications just as the Rebel Alliance had. We need to learn to make that connection, but I think in our modern society, we are so quick to get offended by things, so quick to deem someone as a horrible monster for the things they say, that we separate the moral values of our fictional world from our real world, and build a wall between them, when in reality, the lives of people and the development of our societies of our fictional stories work just the same as our real-world ones.

Adding a New Story Called The Atrocity Planners

I just posted another science fiction story that I wrote a few years ago, called The Atrocity Planners. This is an EVE Online fan fiction piece. I got this published in EON Magazine, issue #22, back in 2011. I call this my first publishing experience since I don’t count those two fetish porn shorts that I still don’t talk about outside of Fetlife. I decided to publish it here finally, figuring they’ve had their proprietary hands on it long enough. They didn’t pay me anything and I didn’t sign anything promising not to publish elsewhere and the magazine has gone out of business anyway, after issue #30, so they shouldn’t be mad at me 🙂

It surprised me that they were willing to publish it considering the message of the story, where I generalize that police are atrocity planners and portray them as the bad guys. It surprised me that some people who support and believe in criminal justice also enjoyed the story. It’s like normal people separate their real-world morality from their story-time morality, allowing them to see terrorists like Luke Skywalker and criminals like Han Solo as heroes, when if they actually lived in that universe, they would hate them the same way we hate Al-Qaeda. In the same way in this story, we see the terrorists or pirates (I never totally explain which they are) as human beings, and we care about their family and want their children to get away and maybe even kill a couple cops along the way. It’s like most people enter a different world when they read this kind of fiction, one where morality works totally differently.

A couple of the folks at the No Safeword Writers Group helped edit this for me in one of their sessions and I’m not sure if I would have gotten it published without them. One of them even suggested the title, which now is one of my favorite aspects to the story, the title and its meaning.

Because police are our atrocity planners. Criminals don’t really plan atrocities, at least not nearly as often. Most violent criminals do not plan their crimes, and even if they do, only a few of them are doing so out of a deliberate desire to cause someone to suffer. At worst, criminals commit crimes to punish someone, the same way the police do. This is different with police. Their whole job is to make people suffer. That’s their purpose for being. We call it a deterrent, and it’s not going to work as a deterrent when a criminal is overflowing with emotion or looking at a potentially huge profit from committing a crime, unless it’s a truly horrible thing the law is doing to them. That’s how it works. Society wants criminals to suffer. We say it’s to keep them from committing again, when in reality it’s because we enjoy knowing they are suffering. The police make all this possible as they sit around planning their raids, taking only a moment to justify it by listing off a few crimes, rarely caring about who they are or their motivations, then they plan their attack to break down the door of someone’s home, then haul them off to prison where their sole intention is to make them suffer and to destroy their lives.

You can argue that planning the atrocities is necessary. You can argue that there’s no other options because some criminals are just so awful. The government must take control and commit horrible things in a controlled manner to keep the majority safe. But in a literal, real world manner, you can’t tell me police are not atrocity planners, and yet when we meet police or talk about police, we always forget this simple fact and insist on viewing them as heroes of wondrous virtue… until, of course, they come breaking down our doors, or the doors of our family, and we meet, face-to-face, the fact that they are, every day, in a planned and systematic fashion, going out and providing people with some of the most psychologically damaging events of their lives.

What I’m Up To

A couple nights ago I started writing a science-fiction short story that I’ve been running around in my head for almost a year now. It’s passed 2000 words so far, and seems to be going pretty well. I seem to have found “the zone” where the writing goes smoothly and I can really feel the characters. This one is going to have a lot of drama, lots of screaming and crying, some action and suspense, but no violence and no cursing. I like to switch it up sometimes.

Yet another female protagonist. I honestly don’t know why the majority of my fiction is from the female perspective. The stories just always seem to work better.


The other thing I’m currently working on is version 3.0 of Kalin’s PDF Creation Station, my most popular WordPress plugin. I’m hoping with this release to clear up the majority of the feature requests that people have made. My intent is to be regarded as the best of the WordPress PDF plugins.

I’ve already added a bunch of features, which are now available if you have SVN access and download the beta version from the branches folder of this repository: http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/kalins-pdf-creation-station/

Here’s the list of features already completed and currently in testing:

  • upgraded TCPDF engine. This should improve image handling and also fixes the blockquotes issue, so blockquotes no longer need to use a monospaced font
  • added option to automatically construct a Table of Contents page in the creator tool
  • added post_meta shortcode for post’s custom fields
  • added option on Tool page to turn off automatic page breaks between posts
  • added ability for hackers to translate/change the word ‘page’ to whatever they want
  • added option to run other plugin content filters
  • added post category(s) shortcode
  • added post tags shortcode
  • added option to convert Vimeo videos (works for both object and iframe style embeds)
  • added Ted Talk video link conversion option
  • YouTube link conversion now works for iframe style embeds as well as objects
  • added ability for hackers to change the order of the post list on the tool page
  • added post comments shortcode. Includes easy way for PHP coders to fully customize the display

I was unable to figure out how to extract a Hulu video link out of their embed code since the links don’t utilize the video ID as they do for YouTube, Vimeo and TED, so I couldn’t do a Hulu embed link conversion. If you have any idea how to do this, please let me know. Also, if you know of other video providers I’ve missed, let me know.

My plan is to add a page parent shortcode, perhaps a couple other details, then release version 3.0 sometime next week. After that, I’ll move on to version 3.0 of Post List.

The Death of EVEFiction.com

A couple years ago I started EVEFiction.com Wiki as a place for EVE Online fan fiction writers to show off and have a community. I was working for WetPaint at the time, the company that runs the wiki system powering the site (if you see the five interactive Flash site-highlight widgets on the right of the homepage, I built all of those). Unfortunately the site didn’t get too popular and I didn’t have the time or energy necessary to run a game community like that, so now it’s come time for the domain name to run out and I don’t think it’s worth it to keep a site up that nobody is using or maintaining. It’s kinda sad. I thought this was such a good idea at the time.

EveFictin.com banner
This is about the extent of my PhotoShop abilities 🙁

Now I don’t even really play EVE anymore, and I think I’m going to quit the game altogether once I post my next few fiction works.

I have Compensating For A Small Penis, about two foul-mouthed lieutenants who must fight for their lives after finding a spy. There’s I Killed Him Daddy, about a 12 year old girl who kills a cop with a cattle-prod to protect her alcoholic father’s illegal hobby. Then there’s The Atrocity Planners about a couple children who must try to escape a CONCORD police raid of their home. (Hopefully this last one will get published in EON Magazine, but I’ve been waiting for months for the editor to get back to me about it. In that case, it won’t be available online.) I also have a long, detailed outline for the two sequels of Against A Rock, which are probably not going to ever get written, at least not in their current form. Then I have a couple short sample paragraphs from a novel idea I’m playing around with.

All those things are currently finished, but I just need to get the final edits done and get a little feedback from friends before finally posting them one-by-one.

(Once I finish these stories, I’m planning on taking my fiction writing in a more peaceful, positive direction.)

Then I think I’m going to start giving away all my game assets. (My character is relatively wealthy.) In fact, I’ll give 300 million ISK to the first EVE player who posts in the EVE Online forums with a link somewhere to KalinBooks.com (like to Against A Rock). Respond in the comments here with a link to your forum post to redeem your prize.

Oh, yeah, so I was also thinking I’d copy over some of the information from EVEFiction.com into blog posts so it’s not lost forever, even if it is a little out-of-date and will probably get buried under my other blog posts.

Kalin’s done with Violence Porn

So here’s what I’m up to with my fiction writing. (My true stories are a whole other story, but I am certainly working on those as well.)

Last Sunday I finished another story in my series of EVE Online themed violence porn. My first, of course, was my novel, Against A Rock. This one is titled Compensating for a Small Penis, 19,000 words, about two foul-mouthed battleship lieutenants who discover a spy and are thrown into a desperate struggle for survival, shooting their way through a brutal blood bath as they are forced to come face to face with their guilt over the fact that they have made a career out of death and suffering.

This was the last real EVE Online story that I intended to write. I still have two others that I still need to post.

One is a shorter one (5,000 words or so) called The Atrocity Planners (someone suggested that title at a writers group meeting I attend at the local sex club), about two small children from pirate/terrorist parents who awaken to a police raid and the murder of their mom and dad, then must take up arms and escape into the air ducts in an attempt to reach the escape pods. This one I have sent off to EON Magazine, the official magazine of EVE Online. I still haven’t heard back about it but I’m holding out hope that they’ll publish it, in which case I won’t be able to post it here and I’ll simply send you to buy the magazine 🙂

The third story I’m sitting on is my personal pride and joy as a writer. I normally don’t like to rate my own stories, but I think it might be the best I’ve ever written. It’s called I Killed Him Daddy, about a 12 year old girl who unleashes a whirlwind of hell after killing a cop with a cattle prod to protect her alcoholic father’s illegal hobby. It explores criminal behavior and I think gives a good view on why I’m an anarchist while portraying some intense action, violence and emotion.

I also have the 15,000 word outline that I’ve written for the next two, possibly three, sequels to Against A Rock, that, realistically, will probably never be written due to CCP’s lack of interest in the story. I will probably post that in the coming months as well so people can see what I had planned for the series.

And then I am half-heartedly working on a novel I’m tentatively calling I Kill For Money, A Love Story about Cyborg Assassins. I’ve written the prologue and a couple of the more important sections as samples, but I don’t think I’m going to go much further with it for the time being. I intend to post that as well and get some feedback to find out how interested people would be in the complete novel.

I need to run another couple edits of Compensating for a Small Penis, then I will break it into four or five chapters and start posting it here, one every couple weeks and linking to it from the EVE Fiction forums. After that I’ll post the I Kill For Money samples, and the Against A Rock sequel outline. Then if it doesn’t get accepted into EON, I’ll post The Atrocity Planners, and finally I’ll post I Killed Him Daddy, saving the best for last.

But after I run my final edits on these stories, I think I’m going to be done with writing Quentin Tarantino style violence porn for a while. I got kind of burned out on it with Compensating for a small Penis, with all the guns, blood, death, explosions, amputations, and the gouging of the small child’s eyeballs. After these edits I am going to try to go back to focusing on rewriting my second novel, which I’m still, unfortunately, calling, Rediscovering Communication, which is totally different than the Die-Hard in Space style that I’ve been doing for the last two years since Against A Rock. Rediscovering Communication is more in line with what I originally wanted to do as a writer, sort of a cross between the fantastical and wondrous science fiction of Robert Silverberg and the positive, peaceful nature of Star Trek that promotes communication, understanding and peace. This is the one that was noticed and read by (at least I’m pretty sure it was him) by Terry Brooks in it’s original form. He had a lot of good things to say about it and a lot of very real criticism, but I’m taking almost all of his advice and reworking it, removing the glaring and ridiculous error that I made when I killed off the main character two-thirds of the way through and giving it a nice, positive and uplifting conclusion. When I finish with that, hopefully I will have a shot at getting something published for real.

My latest Action-Adventure book: Against A Rock

Art by Areille (a character in EVE Online)

I recently moved my latest action adventure book from AgainstARock.com to this website to consolidate things. KalinBooks.com was in pretty shoddy shape before I did this whole WordPress thing, so I gave my book it’s own website, but that doesn’t make sense anymore.

I wrote this in 2008, after a five year hiatus. Writing an action adventure book was kind of a new thing for me, but I found myself falling in love with the genre, and now I think much of my strongest writing is in action, adventure and violence. The story is based on the video game, EVE Online, which I started playing back in 2006.

Writing this changed my life, though I suppose I could say that about numerous other things that have happened to me throughout the years.

I found myself getting in touch with parts of my mind that I had never explored before, most notably my love of war, violence and destruction. Years ago, I wanted to write about nothing but utopian societies without war or violence, because I so firmly believe that a society like this is completely possible, but unfortunately, it didn’t make for exciting literature.

So with this book, I decided to go full-on Action Adventure and violence, basically Die-Hard in space, but with a female lead, and I found myself exploring that sense of glory and satisfaction that we get from action, adventure and violence, and how it affects our society. One of the main themes of the novel is how human beings love violence and drama–we crave it; we can’t help ourselves–and how that drives our desire for war, criminal justice and discipline, and how we invent logical excuses and  pretend that it’s not our animal instincts that are driving these things that we, as a society are so convinced are completely necessary.

I also explored some other concepts…

So far my mom is the only person who has recognized that the relationship between the protagonist and her personal slave is a metaphor for how many people raise their children.

One of my favorite parts is when her slave recognizes that she has always loved him, but points out that she has never cared about him. I found that a fascinating concept, that people can deeply love someone, but ultimately not care if they’re happy or healthy. Part of the parenting metaphor.

I also explore religion, and how it affects our ability to commit violence. Our protagonist is deeply spiritual and uses God as a guiding light in the course of her mutiny. See if you can you find the Bible quotes.

And finally, I explore the concept of being half human and half machine. All my life I’ve wondered what it would be like, and have always wanted to write something like this, but never thought it possible. But now, possibly since scientists have already begun experimenting with connecting computers directly into people’s brains, sometimes with shocking success, I think I have a clear idea of what it would feel like to be half human and half computer.

But ultimately, this is an Action-Adventure novel, full of explosions, gunshots, laser fire, deadly drones, fist-fights, broken bones, screaming, crying, and of course, blood.