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Violence in New Eden

A couple weeks ago I quit my job after realizing I needed a break from programming for a little while. Now I am happily unemployed and for the next month or two, am not going to be thinking about writing code. Hopefully this will give me the chance to do a mental reset and regain my passion for development.

My latest book of EVE Online stories.In the meantime I’m working on my writing. I finished compiling and editing my fourth book, called Violence in New Eden: 4 Brutal Tales in the World of EVE Online and published it on Amazon Kindle. I have also nearly finished my fifth book which I’m calling, The Water Glass Collection: 10 Regular Old Short Stories. This will be a collection of my non-science-fiction shorts. I’m hoping to get that published by next week when I go away to a five day sex party in the woods. After that I go back to a novel that I’ve been working on since my teenage years.

Anyway, Violence In New Eden is EVE Online fan fiction so the players are the target audience but the stories should be understandable to most science fiction fans.

I am in need desperate need of reviews. People don’t like to buy books on Amazon unless they can read a couple reviews. If you want to read my books for free and promise to write a review on Amazon, I will be happy to send you a free copy. Just contact me and ask. This goes for all of my books on Amazon until I get, lets say, 10 reviews per book.

If you don’t want to contact me or write a review, you can download this book to your kindle for free on these dates:

  • July 31, 2014
  • August 1, 2014
  • August 29, 2014
  • September 12, 2014 (I intend to make all my books free on this date)
  • October 17, 2014

Adding a New Story Called The Atrocity Planners

I just posted another science fiction story that I wrote a few years ago, called The Atrocity Planners. This is an EVE Online fan fiction piece. I got this published in EON Magazine, issue #22, back in 2011. I call this my first publishing experience since I don’t count those two fetish porn shorts that I still don’t talk about outside of Fetlife. I decided to publish it here finally, figuring they’ve had their proprietary hands on it long enough. They didn’t pay me anything and I didn’t sign anything promising not to publish elsewhere and the magazine has gone out of business anyway, after issue #30, so they shouldn’t be mad at me 🙂

It surprised me that they were willing to publish it considering the message of the story, where I generalize that police are atrocity planners and portray them as the bad guys. It surprised me that some people who support and believe in criminal justice also enjoyed the story. It’s like normal people separate their real-world morality from their story-time morality, allowing them to see terrorists like Luke Skywalker and criminals like Han Solo as heroes, when if they actually lived in that universe, they would hate them the same way we hate Al-Qaeda. In the same way in this story, we see the terrorists or pirates (I never totally explain which they are) as human beings, and we care about their family and want their children to get away and maybe even kill a couple cops along the way. It’s like most people enter a different world when they read this kind of fiction, one where morality works totally differently.

A couple of the folks at the No Safeword Writers Group helped edit this for me in one of their sessions and I’m not sure if I would have gotten it published without them. One of them even suggested the title, which now is one of my favorite aspects to the story, the title and its meaning.

Because police are our atrocity planners. Criminals don’t really plan atrocities, at least not nearly as often. Most violent criminals do not plan their crimes, and even if they do, only a few of them are doing so out of a deliberate desire to cause someone to suffer. At worst, criminals commit crimes to punish someone, the same way the police do. This is different with police. Their whole job is to make people suffer. That’s their purpose for being. We call it a deterrent, and it’s not going to work as a deterrent when a criminal is overflowing with emotion or looking at a potentially huge profit from committing a crime, unless it’s a truly horrible thing the law is doing to them. That’s how it works. Society wants criminals to suffer. We say it’s to keep them from committing again, when in reality it’s because we enjoy knowing they are suffering. The police make all this possible as they sit around planning their raids, taking only a moment to justify it by listing off a few crimes, rarely caring about who they are or their motivations, then they plan their attack to break down the door of someone’s home, then haul them off to prison where their sole intention is to make them suffer and to destroy their lives.

You can argue that planning the atrocities is necessary. You can argue that there’s no other options because some criminals are just so awful. The government must take control and commit horrible things in a controlled manner to keep the majority safe. But in a literal, real world manner, you can’t tell me police are not atrocity planners, and yet when we meet police or talk about police, we always forget this simple fact and insist on viewing them as heroes of wondrous virtue… until, of course, they come breaking down our doors, or the doors of our family, and we meet, face-to-face, the fact that they are, every day, in a planned and systematic fashion, going out and providing people with some of the most psychologically damaging events of their lives.

More Violent Sci-Fi

The other day I posted Compensating for a Small Penis, some old EVE Online fan fiction that I wrote something like three years ago and have just been hanging onto it. I have some other stories that I need to post too, so maybe I’ll get around to that in the coming months. I was planning on putting these together, finishing my next novel and looking for a publisher or self-publishing, but the more I think about it the more I realize it’s unrealistic for me to think I’ll be able to make as much as a writer as I do as a web developer, and I’m too lazy to do the grunt work, so I might as well just start posting them here. I still want to put together some kindle books at maybe three bucks a pop and see how they do. I think my main problem with my writing career is my lack of desire to market myself.

Anyway, this story I posted is a violent one. I have only shown it to a few people since it is rather over the top and I feared that people wouldn’t like the violence and swearing, but on the other hand I do like some aspects of the story beyond the silly curses and creative ways to kill people. The characters–two soldiers on a battleship who discover a spy and must fight to escape–do have some redeeming qualities, one desperate to get back to his daughter while the other wishes for forgiveness for a mistake he made to another little girl. I tried my best in this story to examine the reasons why people want to be soldiers and go to war, as I did when I was young, and the excuses and lies we tell ourselves to justify it.

About My New Story, I Kill For Money Preview

I posted a new story today called I Kill for Money… well, it’s not actually a story as much as it is a few sample chapters from another EVE Online novel that I came up with. Unfortunately I have no immediate plans to write this story, but I still love these scenes so I decided I had better just go ahead and post it.

The story follows Vena and Deihlmin who are cybernetically enhanced assassins for the Gurista pirate faction as they pursue a Concord chief, unravel a tale of war and deceit and find themselves falling in love. I wrote these a couple years ago when I was still actively playing EVE Online. I had just written a story called The Atrocity Planners, which a while later was published in issue #22 of EON Magazine (originally this was titled My Gurista Mom and Dad, but I took it to a writer’s group meeting at the local sex club and they gave me some wonderful suggestions including the new title). Anyway, the Vena character from The Atrocity Planners is the same Vena, all grown up of course, in this new novel idea. It’s not mentioned in the sample chapters but the idea of course, is that there’s a lot of back story about how she dealt with the tragedy that occurred in The Atrocity Planners.

A lot of the action-adventure details for this novel aren’t worked out yet, but I have a pretty clear idea of the characters, which is usually more important. Vena is a professional, trained from childhood for many facets of war. She has a shady history having been raised by pirates with frequent hardships, rolled with drug smugglers in late childhood and became a prostitute as a teenager. This allowed her to begin purchasing her cybernetic enhancements, which rapidly became an addiction. Through her late teens she spent the majority of her income on stolen military-grade implants and mental interface software. These implants led her back to the Gurista faction where she was hired and gave up prostitution and drug smuggling in favor of professional killing and espionage.

Vena was escaping from her childhood trauma and the difficulties she endured as a teenager. She escaped into her cybernetic implants, which finally gave her the sense of control over her own emotions and the power to manipulate the situations around her. The computers allowed her to escape her own life and as time went on she started to forget which parts of her were human and which were machine. She began playing characters for the Guristas, adjusting her personality to fit whatever mission. As she says in the second chapter, ” The best actors don’t act, they become.” But now she’s been infiltrating and playing parts for nearly a decade and she can no longer tell which character is actually Vena and can’t tell the difference between real love or passion and technological manipulations designed to accomplish a mission.

Deihlmin, on the other hand, grew up straight, in a wealthy family. He got bored with life and started buying implants in his early teens, but soon learned that the implants couldn’t help him do anything satisfying other than getting away with crimes. He started with petty crimes, simply for the fun of getting away with something and in a few years had moved up to drug smuggling. He too became a little addicted to artificial enhancements, though was careful not to lose his personality within the machine. Then, a group of smugglers he was working with on a particularly large score, were busted by Concord and he watched his friend get beaten to death. Deihlmin  was able to escape, but the police already had all his information, so he realized he could never return to the straight world. He was taken in by the Guristas who sympathized with his experience and he fell in love with the pirate lifestyle. Now that he had a score to settle with Concord within a few years he worked himself up to one of the Guristas elite infiltration soldiers.

So we’ve got two killers. Deihlmin truly believes the Guristas are the good guys, sees Concord as evil and wishes to fight them any way that he can. Vena simply kills for money. She tells herself the Guristas are the good guys, but deep down inside, doesn’t know if she’s sure.

Ultimately they unravel a conspiracy that goes through some top level officials in Concord and discover that many of them have been directly working with Gurista leadership in an attempt to keep a balance to the war, so that neither faction gains ground, but the local military industry, which of course has deep ties to both sides of the conflict, profits dramatically.

The story would explore the nature of criminal justice and the drive for violence through seemingly moral purposes. Like my first EVE Online novel, Against a Rock, there would be a lot of action, violence and suspenseful surprises, and the characters, of course, are not the most morally upstanding individuals. But unlike Against a Rock, this book would have a love element with just a hint of sexy stuff… but alas, I probably won’t write it any time soon unless by some miracle I get a real book deal 🙂

Kalin’s Next 9 Short Stories

Now that I’m done with my 27 chapters of Genesis, taking up the month of February 2011, the next thing I’m going to do with KalinBooks.com is post my next nine (or more) short true stories that I have ready. Every Friday I’m going to post a new true short story to go along with my current collection of 24 True Stories of things that have all actually happened to me. I have nine stories currently complete and ready to go. Here’s the list:

Intro to Capitalism – The time I got in trouble for taking a drink of water.

Drunk and Horny College Chicks – The night I went home with a very hot, drunk, crazy and horny genetic engineer.

Searching My Apartment For Dead Bodies – The time the police searched my apartment for dead bodies, but all they found was massive quantities of marijuana.

Just a Coincidence – The time every electrical object in my life broke at the exact same time.

The Flood – The time my friends and I flooded a greenhouse and had to race to save the plants.

Amtrak Weed – The time on an Amtrak ride when I unwittingly got between a knife wielding maniac and his prey, then smoothed the whole thing over with a  little marijuana.

The Sacred Rules of the Drive-thru – Two stories about how discriminatory fast-food drive-thru policies put everyone at risk.

Free Drugs – The time a mysterious person gave us some mysterious pills.

Field of Dead Bodies – The time God used bloody visions and mathematics to tell me  that capitalism is murderer.

By the time I get all these posted, I hope to have more ready. Hopefully I can keep writing fast enough to post a new short story every Friday for the next four or five months.

Currently the right sidebar navigation on this website is all hard-coded, since I like to totally customize the links. I can schedule the story to be posted automatically, but unfortunately I have to set a reminder for myself to change the navigation. Since these stories are going to be posted as pages rather than posts, you may see them show up in my RSS Feed before you find them in the menu.


I know I promised to post my EVE Online short stories, but one of them was accepted into the latest issue of EON and another one, currently titled I Killed Him Daddy (the editor and I both agree the name needs to change) has also been accepted for some future issue… except for the problem that it’s double their maximum length. That’s pretty flattering that they’re willing to rearrange their magazine to fit my story. So I can’t post those stories on my site. I have a third story, which I’m almost certain won’t be accepted into the magazine because it’s even longer. However, I’m still going to wait to post it until I’m sure they’re not interested. I also want to post my Against A Rock sequel outline as well as a few sample chapters from another EVE novel that I’ve been playing around with in my mind. I’m going to log back into EVE before I post those, though, so no telling when it’s going to happen.

God asked me to Write my Last Novel

So this is embarrassing to talk about as an atheist, which is why I’ve never mentioned this to anyone, but it’s true. In 2008, God spoke to me and gave me a character and plot outline for my third novel, Against A Rock. I know logically that it was just my mind playing tricks on me (or subconsciously guiding me), but in every emotional and spiritual way, it was real.

I won’t get into how I got into writing when I was 15, which is a whole other spiritual experience, or what was going through my mind when I wrote my first novel. Suffice it to say that writing, especially fiction writing, is a deeply spiritual experience for me, even if I don’t believe in physical spirits. I’ve had a lot of different experiences in life, but nothing I’ve found can compare with writing a novel and living in that alternate world for months at a time… assuming, of course, you can find “the zone”, that passion and connection with those “fictional” characters, you know logically exist only as bits of text on your hard drive, but deep down inside you know are as real as you and me.

But in 2003, I became enthralled with programming Flash ActionScript, and web development in general, and couldn’t get enough code in my life. It was like a giant puzzle, but a puzzle I could build myself, a piece of functional art. It couldn’t quite rival fiction writing in emotional intensity, but what programming had was consistency. I could almost rely on writing code to sort of carry my mind away and relax me, and bring me that thrill and sense of magic (with a few simple conditions about the organization and purpose behind the code. I couldn’t get excited about pointless code, but other than that, as they say at WordPress.org, code is poetry). Fiction writing can bring me the same spiritual benefits with much greater intensity, but it’s hit or miss depending on how much I care about the characters or the theme of the story.

So… anyway, I sort of quit writing for almost five years, with the exception of a story called In The Name of Justice, which came to me in a dream in 2006, all fully plotted, with characters fully developed and everything.

Shortly after this dream/story I started thinking that I had built up enough of a career as a programmer that my job was mostly safe, so I didn’t need to spend all my free time programming, so I figured I should start writing again.

I had also been introduced to a game called EVE Online, a big spaceship online role playing game. In this game, I was what’s known as an Amarrian, a member of a highly religiously devoted society. I came up with a short story idea that would serve as a back-story for my game character, where a turret commander named Floreina had grown up under the Amarrian religion, but recently had started rejecting religion and even sometimes God. However, she had to keep it secret for there’s even more fundamentalists in Amarrian society than there is in modern religious society. She then has some token experiences that show that her captain is the bad guy and she goes on a secret mutiny. In the end, she succeeds and becomes my character in the game, (which explained why she had actually been doing missions for the enemy of the Amarrian Empire), and she finally comes to accept that her religion was lies, that it’s not necessary to believe in God, and from that freedom she feels the relief and independence, self-confidence, blah blah blah…

But somehow I couldn’t make the story work. I wrote almost 20,000 words, which is half of a short novel, and I just couldn’t believe in the characters like I did back when I wrote my first two novels from 1999-2002.

So I put the story away. I moved to Seattle and started working for a company that was building a DVD ordering system. My job was to build a functional demo of the entire application so that prospective clients could play with the system before it was actually built. One thing they could do was browse through a set of DVD images. They gave me a set of about 15 DVD images to put in as the graphics, so every day for a couple months I would look at these same fifteen movie covers, making them slide in and out and animate based on user input. Movies such as 3:10 to Yuma, Crash, and the one that caught my eye: Resident Evil 3, with the gorgeous Mila Jovovich and her confident strut, and the machine pistols she held in each hand.

This got me back into the idea of my mutiny story, and I kept telling myself to get back to it, just force your way through it. Sure the plot is just kinda atheist propaganda, but maybe you can turn it into something good. You can go back through and tone it down a bit. Maybe you can turn it into a simple action story, and if it gets too preachy, just cut out the preachy and make it all about the action and the mutiny.

I sat down a few times to write, but I still just couldn’t find that passion.

Then one day I was riding the bus home from work, just trying to force myself to brainstorm as hard as I could about the story. Normally the buses are packed, but today it was nearly empty. I sat by myself near the back, listening to Tool’s Vicarious, and suddenly, like magic, I stopped being an atheist. An overwhelming presence seemed to come down from everywhere and consumed me. My mind cringed, and I couldn’t open my eyes against this strange brightness that somehow wasn’t there. Then suddenly I saw my story, but one that was so twisted as to be nearly unrecognizable as the original story. And this commanding voice told me, or essentially ordered me to do a complete overhaul on Floreina. It was not in words, per say, but it was a linear series of concepts and thoughts that loosely translate to the following: “She will be an absolute believer. She will not be an atheist. In fact, she will hate people like you, and she will never question that belief, and you will use your writing to do everything you can to justify her hatred and help people understand her. You will embrace her religion with everything you have… and you will embrace her hatred. Don’t think about promoting atheism. Instead, embrace the opposite. Allow me to guide every keystroke in this novel. Listen to my voice. Embrace the violence; embrace the hatred…”

And I heard the lines in the song,

“Cause I need to watch things die…from a distance
Vicariously I live while the whole world dies
You all need it too, don’t lie”

blasting in my ears as God spoke to me. “Because I love violence, Kalin.” God told me. “I’m no different than any other author of a fictional universe. I want drama in my realm. I want action and screaming and crying and passion. That’s why I want you to commit such horrible, unspeakable violence through this novel. Naturally, I want this violence contained only to the realm of fiction. When you’re in the physical world, making real world decisions, you continue being an atheist, you continue logically recognizing that I am simply a trick of your mind, but when you’re in front of the computer, your fingers running over the keyboard, creating whole other worlds, and you’re lost in that alternate reality, I want you to give yourself over to me, and let me guide you. If you do this, I promise, this novel will be the best you’ve ever written and you will turn a new leaf as a writer.”

Shortly after arriving home, I sat down to start writing and was amazed at how quickly the magic arrived, and I became a believer. It took me six months to write Against A Rock. It was all I thought about for that time. My daily emotions revolved around the story. Things that happened in real life became irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was the story, but it never seemed to require work. It came like magic, the words flowing one after another.

Then one day I read some random story about police brutality and became distracted with thoughts of my anarchism for a few days. Then, as I was driving to Costco one day, I received the same kind of message from above, though this one much more mild, probably because I was driving. Something told me, or actually ordered me to write an article called 12 Reasons Why Criminal Justice is Counter-Productive to Peace On Earth, inspired by my article, 22 Ways Religion Promotes Crime, which I had written a few years earlier but never showed anyone. I went home and started writing, and rapidly surpassed the goal of 12. I got up to about 20 reasons, and found my mind cleansed and was able to get back into writing Against A Rock. Over the next couple weeks, I added to that article, and finally ended on the title, 35 Reasons Why Criminal Justice is Counter-Productive to Peace on Earth. I now consider this to be the most important thing I’ve ever written, and I’m waiting for just the right time to release it. It’s been over two years and I’ve returned to reexamine it a number of times, so it’s getting close.

Within two weeks of writing the 35th point in this list, my childhood friend, Isaac Zamora, whose family introduced me to Christianity and God, went on a killing spree. “I kill for God. I listen to God.” Isaac said at his hearing.

At this point in my novel-writing, Floreina was floating in space, her suit running out of oxygen, alone with her thoughts, and she starts thinking about the horrible murders she’s just committed.

After Isaac’s murders I almost completely lost the passion for the religiously-motivated murders in my story. Everything I was writing just seemed sick and disturbed, and that connection with God was nearly gone. The parallels between Floreina, Isaac and myself were simply terrifying. For almost a month I couldn’t write more than a few paragraphs.

Then something changed. My sorrow for the victims was replaced with anger at the religion that had done this to them, that does this to countless people all over the world. I consciously channeled that anger into Floreina and pressed on, and somehow, that passion for violence came back, and that feeling of being touched and guided by God rapidly returned. He went back to guiding my keystrokes and I lost myself in the story, but as I finished off the last twenty percent of the novel, pushing the violence and intensity up another few notches, I kept seeing myself as a kid, living next door to Isaac for so many years, and receiving similar subconscious tricks of the mind, voices, telling me to go over there and try to show them a different way of thinking. And from deep in the back of my mind, as I typed out the last of my story, I could hear God telling me that I could have saved those people. Isaac had been so open-minded, peaceful, caring and ready to listen when we were kids, and I felt this was a lesson. It’s wrong for me to worry about offending the religious.

So yes, I have had a few profound experiences with God (this is only one example). Recognizing it as being a trick of the mind does absolutely nothing to reduce the emotional, intellectual and spiritual power of the experience. God can do some amazing things, bringing confidence and inner peace, but only when He is recognized consciously as fiction or an abstract concept. When God is applied as though he actually exists in the real world, we don’t get wild fantasy sci-fi novels, we get people like Isaac Zamora.

EVE Online Backstory Races and Factions FAQ

This is for role players or fan fiction writers of EVE Online. I’m just reposting some links from my old game community wiki EVEFiction.com, which is going offline in December 2010. Here’s  a related blog post about my failed site, EVEFiction.com. And here’s a post where I listed the general EVE Online Backstory FAQ. Bear in mind that these lists have not been updated in the last year or two.

Questions on the Achura:

Info on the Achura:

Amarr PF compilation:

Religions of the races:

origins of the races:

Why are caldari and Minmatar at war?

The 4 dead civilizations, the Yan Jung, Sleepers, Talocan and Taklheim (sp)… what were they?

Angels, Thukkers and Elders:

Jovian timeline?

Talocan, Yan Jung, Sleeper, Enheduanni, Jove?

Tash-Murkon family relations:

Are all Amarrians evil?

Marriage and relationships in Amarrian culture

Are Jovian ships organic?

Languages of the races:

Difference between Minmatar Nation and Minmatar Republic:

Jovian war with Enheduanni:

Jamyl Sarum’s relationship with the Enheduanni

Does Sarum becoming empress mean the death of the heirs?


Which family was Heideran VII from?

how many times have the ritual suicides on selecting a new Emperor actually happened?

Do Starkmanir (Minmatar) still survive?

Caldari city names:

Enheduanni, Yan Jung, Takmahl, Talocan, Sleeper race’s same race?


How different are the races genetically? Is inter-breeding possible?

Amarrian scripture info:

Why are Amarr and Blood Raiders at odds?

Amarria – Arab comparison:

Does anyone want peace?

Vherokior history

Stories on Minmatar rebellion:

Amarr history links:

Amarrian military names:

Info on Intaki Race


EVE Online backstory FAQ

This is for role players or fan fiction writers of EVE Online. I’m just reposting some links from my old game community wiki EVEFiction.com, which is going offline in December 2010. Here’s  a related blog post about my failed site, EVEFiction.com. And here’s a post where I listed some of the races and factions information. Bear in mind that these lists have not been updated in the last year or two.

How many crew onboard a ship?

Yes, ships most definitely have crew. This is the single most repeated question of EVE backstory, and it’s one of the most obvious to answer.


What is the value of ISK?

Are there neural scanners in helmets or other places except a Pod, or can capsuleers die for real if not in a pod?

Physical ship sizes:

How does the year and date system work?

Q: What is the state of Artificial Intelligence technology in New Eden?
Q: What really happens when a system changes occupancy? (Factional Warfare)

Q: Does CONCORD use pods to pilot their ships?

Binary star systems?
Q: What are the station and planetside cultures like?

atmospheric flight:

How do blueprints and invention work?

On terraforming planets:

How does clone jumping work?

How do we get in and out of pods?

Do clones have belly buttons?

Camera drones:

Can ships shoot at planets and how much damage would they do?

How do mining lasers work?

Crew survival at high speeds:

How does artificial gravity work?
Are there any cities covering an entire planet?

Who runs the stargates?

Is the spirit or soul of a capsuleer transferred to the clone upon death?

do all ships have pods?

What present day stuff survives in New Eden?
How much Knowledge of old Earth do we have in New Eden?

What is the purpose behind the capsuleers?

What’s an MTAC?

Why are the stations of different races scattered, like Amarrian station in Minmatar space?

any soft drink competitors other than Quafe?

Are pod pilots naked inside the pod?

Years and dates before EVE Standard Time:

is there such a thing as a Kamikaze ship?

What’s an acceleration gate and what is the significance in the backstory?

Can a pilot utilize a clone not from their own DNA?

Can pod pilots exit their pod and go down to a planet?

How does skill training work?

What are the types, Legalities of, and other issues with small arms or personal weaponry when in station or planetside?

How do energy neutralizers work?

How does projectile ammo function?

Where are all these pirates coming from?

Does a warp to a planet take the same amount of time in-game as it does in our stories, or is the warp time in-game representative of a longer period?
Most stories seem to show all things as being equal.

Why did the Jovians give the other races capsule technology?
is hijacking ships possible?
are stargates manned?
why do afterburner’s have mass addition

The Death of EVEFiction.com

A couple years ago I started EVEFiction.com Wiki as a place for EVE Online fan fiction writers to show off and have a community. I was working for WetPaint at the time, the company that runs the wiki system powering the site (if you see the five interactive Flash site-highlight widgets on the right of the homepage, I built all of those). Unfortunately the site didn’t get too popular and I didn’t have the time or energy necessary to run a game community like that, so now it’s come time for the domain name to run out and I don’t think it’s worth it to keep a site up that nobody is using or maintaining. It’s kinda sad. I thought this was such a good idea at the time.

EveFictin.com banner
This is about the extent of my PhotoShop abilities 🙁

Now I don’t even really play EVE anymore, and I think I’m going to quit the game altogether once I post my next few fiction works.

I have Compensating For A Small Penis, about two foul-mouthed lieutenants who must fight for their lives after finding a spy. There’s I Killed Him Daddy, about a 12 year old girl who kills a cop with a cattle-prod to protect her alcoholic father’s illegal hobby. Then there’s The Atrocity Planners about a couple children who must try to escape a CONCORD police raid of their home. (Hopefully this last one will get published in EON Magazine, but I’ve been waiting for months for the editor to get back to me about it. In that case, it won’t be available online.) I also have a long, detailed outline for the two sequels of Against A Rock, which are probably not going to ever get written, at least not in their current form. Then I have a couple short sample paragraphs from a novel idea I’m playing around with.

All those things are currently finished, but I just need to get the final edits done and get a little feedback from friends before finally posting them one-by-one.

(Once I finish these stories, I’m planning on taking my fiction writing in a more peaceful, positive direction.)

Then I think I’m going to start giving away all my game assets. (My character is relatively wealthy.) In fact, I’ll give 300 million ISK to the first EVE player who posts in the EVE Online forums with a link somewhere to KalinBooks.com (like to Against A Rock). Respond in the comments here with a link to your forum post to redeem your prize.

Oh, yeah, so I was also thinking I’d copy over some of the information from EVEFiction.com into blog posts so it’s not lost forever, even if it is a little out-of-date and will probably get buried under my other blog posts.

Kalin’s done with Violence Porn

So here’s what I’m up to with my fiction writing. (My true stories are a whole other story, but I am certainly working on those as well.)

Last Sunday I finished another story in my series of EVE Online themed violence porn. My first, of course, was my novel, Against A Rock. This one is titled Compensating for a Small Penis, 19,000 words, about two foul-mouthed battleship lieutenants who discover a spy and are thrown into a desperate struggle for survival, shooting their way through a brutal blood bath as they are forced to come face to face with their guilt over the fact that they have made a career out of death and suffering.

This was the last real EVE Online story that I intended to write. I still have two others that I still need to post.

One is a shorter one (5,000 words or so) called The Atrocity Planners (someone suggested that title at a writers group meeting I attend at the local sex club), about two small children from pirate/terrorist parents who awaken to a police raid and the murder of their mom and dad, then must take up arms and escape into the air ducts in an attempt to reach the escape pods. This one I have sent off to EON Magazine, the official magazine of EVE Online. I still haven’t heard back about it but I’m holding out hope that they’ll publish it, in which case I won’t be able to post it here and I’ll simply send you to buy the magazine 🙂

The third story I’m sitting on is my personal pride and joy as a writer. I normally don’t like to rate my own stories, but I think it might be the best I’ve ever written. It’s called I Killed Him Daddy, about a 12 year old girl who unleashes a whirlwind of hell after killing a cop with a cattle prod to protect her alcoholic father’s illegal hobby. It explores criminal behavior and I think gives a good view on why I’m an anarchist while portraying some intense action, violence and emotion.

I also have the 15,000 word outline that I’ve written for the next two, possibly three, sequels to Against A Rock, that, realistically, will probably never be written due to CCP’s lack of interest in the story. I will probably post that in the coming months as well so people can see what I had planned for the series.

And then I am half-heartedly working on a novel I’m tentatively calling I Kill For Money, A Love Story about Cyborg Assassins. I’ve written the prologue and a couple of the more important sections as samples, but I don’t think I’m going to go much further with it for the time being. I intend to post that as well and get some feedback to find out how interested people would be in the complete novel.

I need to run another couple edits of Compensating for a Small Penis, then I will break it into four or five chapters and start posting it here, one every couple weeks and linking to it from the EVE Fiction forums. After that I’ll post the I Kill For Money samples, and the Against A Rock sequel outline. Then if it doesn’t get accepted into EON, I’ll post The Atrocity Planners, and finally I’ll post I Killed Him Daddy, saving the best for last.

But after I run my final edits on these stories, I think I’m going to be done with writing Quentin Tarantino style violence porn for a while. I got kind of burned out on it with Compensating for a small Penis, with all the guns, blood, death, explosions, amputations, and the gouging of the small child’s eyeballs. After these edits I am going to try to go back to focusing on rewriting my second novel, which I’m still, unfortunately, calling, Rediscovering Communication, which is totally different than the Die-Hard in Space style that I’ve been doing for the last two years since Against A Rock. Rediscovering Communication is more in line with what I originally wanted to do as a writer, sort of a cross between the fantastical and wondrous science fiction of Robert Silverberg and the positive, peaceful nature of Star Trek that promotes communication, understanding and peace. This is the one that was noticed and read by (at least I’m pretty sure it was him) by Terry Brooks in it’s original form. He had a lot of good things to say about it and a lot of very real criticism, but I’m taking almost all of his advice and reworking it, removing the glaring and ridiculous error that I made when I killed off the main character two-thirds of the way through and giving it a nice, positive and uplifting conclusion. When I finish with that, hopefully I will have a shot at getting something published for real.