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Thank You and Sorry to My Plugin Users

So in the last six months or so I’ve gotten much worse about answering the frequent comments left on this site regarding my three WordPress plugins, PDF Creation Station, Easy Edit Links and Post List. I want to thank everyone who has left praise for my creations and say that I’m thrilled at the lack of complaints considering what a learning curve they have and the fact that they’ve actually got a fair number of little bugs that I’ve never taken care of because they don’t affect me  when I use them on my own website. I can’t believe Post List and Edit Links are both at a five star rating as of this post.

And I just remembered as I was writing this, that Advanced Post List exists. This is a plugin that someone developed that is based off my Post List code. I remember he contacted me a year or two ago and asked my permission to do this, which of course he didn’t need, but was just being polite. I tried out his version and it didn’t work and I told him that if he got it working and he hadn’t removed any notable features, I’d officially deprecate my Post List plugin and send all my users to his. Then I never heard from him again and figured he’d abandoned the project. Turns out he just did a release earlier this month and has far exceeded my user base and still has nearly a five star rating.

So I need to get my local development version of WordPress up and running so I can install his plugin and make sure it works properly, then replace my plugin with a pointer to his, then I will be done with Post List support forever but the functionality will live on. The best of both worlds. One of the beauties of the open-source arena.

And I know I said I’d get back to working on Creation Station as someone pointed out a bug with disappearing images that I was able to reproduce on my own site, and the PDF engine, TCPDF, has probably come out with updates that need to be added. But frankly, I just have other priorities. I wish someone else would take my Creation Station code and start calling it their own. As far as I know it’s still the best PDF plugin for WordPress and it’s sad that it’s not being developed or actively supported anymore.

And I abandoned Easy Edit Links a long time ago because the WordPress core came out with a solution that solves the same problem… even though Easy Edit Links works better.

So anyway, I’m going back to work on my latest novel, so I’m sorry everyone who has asked a support question and is waiting for a reply. I will probably get back to you at some point, but I may start going through them in batches once a month or so, so I apologize for that.

But I must say, it has been pretty great doing these plugins. Definitely one of the proudest moments of my career, even though I don’t think I made more than two hundred bucks in donations total between all three of them. Most of the code I have written professionally was, in one form or another, designed to get money from people, so it feels good to have supported a community like WordPress.

Kalin’s Easy Edit Links Version 1.0 – I mean, 1.1

Yesterday I released version 1.0 of Kalin’s Easy Edit Links WordPress plugin. It’s basically the second version but for some reason my original release, which I called 0.7, didn’t have any bugs or anything I’d forgotten, so I never actually had an excuse to make another release to bring it up to 1.0.

However, the bug-free-ness didn’t continue. After upgrading on my live site, I discovered a mysterious PHP error that was only occurring on KalinBooks.com and not on either of my development environments. There’s nothing I hate more than developing against a live site, but if you can’t reproduce the problem anywhere else, that’s what you gotta do. Turned out it had to do with the excerpts I was manually pulling out of the post content. The HTML source looked to have a bunch of corrupt characters in the post. I wonder if the processor was just kinda choking because it was retrieving the full post content for every page and post on my whole website, then truncating and displaying a portion of that content, all in one page view.

Anyway, to fix this, I added in 1.1 the ability to turn the excerpts on and off. If anyone has any ideas what may be happening, please let me know.

With 1.0 I’ve added:

* custom post type support
* column for attachments
* ability to select which post types to show
* ability to customize order and abbreviation of columns

With 1.1 I’ve added:
* ability to turn “excerpts in link titles” on and off

Kalin’s Easy Edit Links adds a customizable box to your edit screens with links and edit buttons for all pages, posts, tags, categories, attachments, links and custom post types for convenient linking.

Become a Kalin’s WordPress Plugin Beta Tester

I am currently hard at work on version 2.0 of Kalin’s PDF Creation Station WordPress plugin, which is one of my excuses for not making many blog entries lately. It occurred to me that some users may have SVN and want to get their hands on the new features a little early, before I’m completely finished testing and tweaking. It also helps me a lot to have someone using it before the new features go live.

If you have SVN, the repository locations are


http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/kalins-post-list/ (for my Post List plugin)

http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/kalins-easy-edit-links/ (for Easy Edit Links plugin)

Newest beta versions of these plugins should be located in the branches folder. If branches is empty, I have probably taken a break from that particular plugin project. Creation Station is my big project, the other two are comparatively simple plugins.


New stuff in the PDF Creation Station 2.0 beta:

*Added support for custom post types
*moved the code identifying the default PDF directory and URL into a few constants at the top of kalins-pdf-creation-station.pdf, so that hackers can easily change them to whatever they want. Added example code that can be un-commented to change the PDF directory to use the base domain of your site instead of the wordpress uploads directory.
*Fixed minor bug where ‘reset defaults’ on the settings page wasn’t refreshing the ‘post slug’ and ‘show on home’ checkboxes
*Added “create all” button on settings page
*Added “automatically generate PDFs on publish and update” option on settings page
*changed blockquote code so it uses the ‘pre’ tag because it was the only way to get TCPDF to actually display anything since it doesn’t want to render blockquotes or tables properly
*added post_excerpt code to use “wp_trim_excerpt”, which doesn’t appear to be functioning anymore — then changed to manually extract 250 characters from the page content
*added option to run other plugin shortcodes to both settings and tool pages
*added option to convert embedded youtube videos into a link to that video
*added ‘format’ parameter to all time shortcodes for total custom date/time formatting
*added ‘length’ parameter to the post_excerpt shortcode to set character count of the excerpt
New stuff in the works for Kalin’s Post List version 2.0:
*add format parameter for total customization of all date/time shortcodes
*add length parameter to [post_excerpt] shortcode
*add offset parameter for [item_number] shortcode to start count at something other than 1
*add ‘increment’ param for [item_number] shortcode to allow counting by something other than 1
*Custom post type support
*”None” post support (use the plugin to simply insert plain HTML)
*support for listing pages/custom posts based on parent page
*post thumbnail/featured image shortcode
*shortcode for link to page/post PDF (requires PDF Creation Station plugin)

Easy Edit Links – My New WordPress Plugin

So I’m making a new WordPress plugin that I’m calling Kalin’s Easy Edit Links, though I may change that before release. It’s just a little box that shows up in your page/post edit page that has a list of all pages, posts, categories, tags and links, with links to both the actual page and to the edit page.

Kalin's Edit Links Screenshot 1
Showing a list of posts with links and edit buttons

I figure this solves two hassles I have in making posts with WordPress. First, if I’m doing more than one post in a sitting, I want to be able to switch to the edit screen of the next post without waiting to load, then search through, the posts page. Second, I found myself constantly going back to my live site to find the link to a particular page so I could reference it. With this, I have it right there, ready to copy into my post. Google Chrome and Safari users can even drag and drop the link right into the post and it’s all ready to go. Firefox, for some reason converts the link into a relative link, which then breaks when it goes live 🙁 Imagine that, for once Safari does something better than FireFox. If anyone knows how to fix this in FireFox, please let me know. Internet Explorer can’t drag links at all, but at least you can copy and paste.

It seems like this plugin would be a processor hog since it needs to compile five different, potentially long lists, and needs to hit the database at least five times. However, I’ve built in a caching feature (see the debug output “not cached” in the image) that simply saves all it’s HTML to a WordPress option and loads it next time, giving you a little refresh button in the corner. When I write the settings page I might give the option for an automatic refresh on a timer, but I’m not sure if that’s even necessary.

Kalin's Edit Links Screenshot 1
Showing Categories

I should be releasing this plugin within a week or two, after I finish the settings menu.

I may even add a shortcode so you can add this little box into a post or into a sidebar… or perhaps I will simply copy this code and make a user-facing widget into a separate plugin.

I’m finding the WordPress platform quite enjoyable to work with and might just be switching my development focus away from Flash ActionScript toward PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and WordPress. An anarchist should be working with open-source technology.

Code is poetry.