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Violence In New Eden: 4 Brutal Tales in the World of EVE Online

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The Day She Started Counting (2010) – All hell breaks loose when a little girl murders a police officer in an attempt to protect her alcoholic father’s illegal hobby.

The Atrocity Planners (2010) – Two small children of a family of terrorists must fight for their lives during a police raid.

Compensating for a Small Penis (2011) – Eve-Online fan fiction. Two foul-mouthed deep-space battleship lieutenants discover a spy and enter a bloodbath while questioning the morality of their career choice.

I Kill For Money (2010) – A sample of a potential future EVE Online novel about two cyborg assassins who fall in love.

Science Fiction – Stories of New Beginnings:


I wrote these for high-school creative writing class from 1995 to 1997.

Read all these stories on Amazon Kindle

Austin Station (20,350 words) – A multiple perspective novella with interconnecting stories about people fighting to make a new beginning. This was my first story, completed on Christmas Day, 1995, starting as a creative writing assignment to tell a story from three different perspectives. It’s long, but still one of my favorites.

Memory (3,750 words) – A love  story of an old man who experiences an addiction to his own digitally recorded memory.

Two Peoples (8,100 words) – Two species, both desperately trying to stop an intergalactic war caused by (what else?) lack of communication.

Breaking Free (8,700 words) – A story of the social and legal restraints that bind a young woman to her life of boredom and slavery.

Thass Rit (7,200 words) – The story of a man imprisoned by aliens.

Alien Children (5,400 words) – The sequel to Thass Rit, about a child who wishes to change the way her colony deals with the crazy aliens.

The Last War (7,750 words) – An unrealistic but fun little story about an uptight young historian from present day who travels through time to see a future ruled by crack heads.

Straws (10,800 words) – Shows a man desperate for control over his own destiny and willing to take dramatic steps to find it.

Charlie (3,500 words) – Written by an overly emotional exploration starship that has been demoted to giving leisure tours about the solar system.

Sorn (7,800 words) – A strange love story, involving slavery and cannibalism. This one contains a special double ending.

The Water Glass Collection:

These are my non-science-fiction short stories.

In The Ferns (2008) – A lovely young lady, a persistent stalker and a night of forbidden passion. One of my few attempts at erotica.

The Water Glass (4,150 words) – An old man who wishes for nothing more than to take a drink and experience life once again. Many consider this to be my best piece.

In The Name of Justice – a dream I had in 2006 about a middle-schooler who tries meth for the first time, witnesses a suicide, and handles the situation very poorly. This is the most well-scripted dream I’ve ever had, and the story I posted here is almost an exact transcript. Nothing added, nothing removed.

Both Sides of the Story (1,300 words) – Based on a line in the song by Phil Collins.

Mind Games (14,200 words) – The story of a secret young mind reader in present day, who suffers from great loneliness.

Chain (1,400 words) – Another multiple perspective, about forgiveness.

Foreman at a Racism Factory – a dream from 2009 where I was the foreman and lead programmer at a brain-implant factory that gave people implants to increase their sense of national pride.

The Escape (1,050 words) – A breakout from a “prison”.

Middle Schoolers (3,050 words) – A story about revenge.

Canned Air, Hannah Montana, and the Purpose of Life (2012) – A foul-mouthed fourth grader with an inhalant addicted mother tries to get out of his grandfather’s funeral to see a Hannah Montana cover band.

Kalin’s dreams: coming at some point in the future… not necessarily soon:

Saving Jesus – the time I found Jesus starving in the woods with a broken leg and attempted to bring him back to safety.

The Nightmares(s) – the time my girlfriend and I had synchronized, coinciding nightmares.

War on Terror – I was kidnapped by a psychotic ex-marine who kept me in his basement as he tortured suspected terrorists. This dream was probably inspired by the time I was actually taken hostage by a crazy ex-marine because he was lonely.

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