The Water Glass Collection

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I guess I’m almost a month late in actually writing a blog post about this but I have released another book which I called The Water Glass Collection: 10 Regular Old Short Stories. I guess that title isn’t totally descriptive since there’s a few quirky and weird stories in there like the one about the fourth grader who convinces his inhalant addicted mother to ditch his grandfather’s funeral to go to a heavy metal Hannah Montana cover band or the one where I became the lead developer programming racism chips.

Water_GlassMaybe it’s a terrible title for a book, but it basically means they aren’t science fiction and some of them are my attempt at more classical kinds of storytelling. The title story, The Water Glass is arguably my best piece from my early years, about an old man whose doctor tells him he’s no longer allowed to drink water. There’s also just a hint of porn in this book. There’s also a story or two that could be argued that they are science fiction but I felt they weren’t sciency enough so they go in this book.

As with all my books, if you would like a free copy just contact me¬†and promise that if you like it, you’ll write a review on Amazon.

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