Judging Women and Fast Food

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So I found a couple short pieces that I wrote years ago and forgot about, sitting in my documents folder collecting dust. I think I wanted to expand on them and then never got around to it. So here’s the first about judging women based on the content of their character:

People often say that porn and movies with gratuitous sex are degrading to women, and I don’t know if that’s inherently the case or not, but even if it were, isn’t it just as degrading to judge a woman by whether or not she shows off her body or by who she has sex with instead of judging her by her character, intelligence or ethics? Many individuals– often the religiously motivated– would like us to believe that a woman is less of a person if she chooses to celebrate her beauty or sexuality, and allow them to be judged by their sexual choices instead of by their contribution to society or their intelligence or ethics. And to make such a big deal out of the supposed degrading nature of sexuality unfairly removes attention from the truly degrading aspects of our society, like the woman who works overtime at the McDonald’s drive-thru but still has to pay a %7 fee to get a payday loan so she can feed her kids.

Very short, I know. I wrote that years before I started working in porn, by the way 🙂

And here’s another one about fast food, I mean, how can the big wigs running fast food joints actually feel good about themselves with the current rate of poverty and obesity.

Fast food essentially tricks the customer into thinking they are paying less by providing an environment where they feel okay about stiffing the waitress.

I guess neither of those was really an article, and they were pretty unrelated, but I squashed them both into this post anyway.

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