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This is the old FAQ page from my old website called Get To Know a Marijuana Dealer which was my old website where I talked about being a marijuana dealer. I miss that website a bit. There was a lot more interaction there than there is now on Kalinbooks. People responded a lot. They usually sent me messages of support. A few called me a horrible person. A handful of police officers sent me death threats.

Anyway, this was the old FAQ page. It brings back memories 🙂

Q. Are you for real? Do you really sell marijuana, then flaunt it on the internet?

A. Yes, I do sell marijuana. I’m not big-time, but I easily cover what I smoke and maybe make a few extra bucks on the side. I flaunt it on the internet to make the simple point that drug laws are not working. Ultimately I’m hoping to do my small part for legalization.

Q. Can you hook me up with a sack?

A. Sorry. I have to get to know you, first, in person. The reason I can flaunt my dealing like this is because I’m careful about who I sell to. The only way to bust a dealer is to set them up, and it would be quite easy to set someone up through email. My balls aren’t that big. Wish I could help, but sorry.

But if you happen to know anywhere to find a connection over the internet, let me know and I’ll post it, or if you happen to be a dealer yourself, I’ll advertise your wares for free on my homepage or anywhere else on my site you would like.

Q. Someone stole my ______. What should I do?

I get this question alot because unfortunately dealers and potheads are targets for thieves because we are generally peaceful and won’t go to the cops. Unfortunately I can’t offer much help. My method is to merely stay away from people that aren’t ethically solid. It’s very important for everyone in life, not just dealers, to choose their friends based on how ethical they are, so you can avoid these kinds of things before they happen. If you make friends with thieves, it’s your own damn fault.

I don’t think its wrong to kick someone’s ass if he blatantly steals from you, but it’s often not in your best interest and can cause more problems than its worth. Usually your only option is to go around and tell absolutely everyone what happened and do what you can to ruin the thieves reputation.

Q. How much should a sack weigh?

A. People keep asking me this question, but unfortunately, my answer is meaningless unless you live in Bellingham WA. Prices vary dramatically from town to town, and from dealer to dealer. In Bellingham, also, prices rise in late summer, early fall, and drop in the spring and early summer. Street dealers naturally charge more for the same weed than friends do. Obviously the quality of the weed also is a major factor, and the type of weed available can vary dramatically from state to state. Some states have nothing but dirt weed, some have nothing but chronic, and others have a variety.

In my town however, an eighth of decent, seedless, BC bud at 3.5 grams goes for $40. An ounce goes for about $220-$280, and a ten dollar dime bag contains about 4/5’ths of a gram. Crappy mexican bud usually goes for about half this price if not less.

So basically, my answer is, I cannot answer this question. You need to ask around your community. Find out what other dealers weigh their sacks at. You can also read my Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Distribution which has a section on weights and measurements and figuring out how much to sell a sack for.

Q. How fast can I sell such and such a quantity? How much should I charge?

A. How the hell should I know? I don’t know where you live or how much weed goes for in your town or how many friends you have or how often they buy or how much risk you’re taking or how much time you want to spend. All I can give is generalized advice. The specific mathematics of dealing is something you need to figure out for yourself based on your own desires and what you see in your peers.

If you’re not fully confident in your plan I suggest discussing it with another local dealer that knows your situation and has experience, and I suggest sitting down with a calculator and figuring out a solid plan that works mathematically, and then stick to it.

Q. Aren’t you worried about getting busted, announcing your business to the world like this?

A. Yes, at first I was a little concerned, but I’ve been running the site since June of 2000, averaging more than 100 visitors a day, posted an advertisement for it on the local police station door, smoked pot in front of and inside that police station, and I’ve gotten no reaction from them whatsoever. The cops know that marijuana dealers are not a real threat to society. The only reason they bust people for marijuana is for the money. I’m not big-time and they know I wouldn’t introduce them to anyone, so I’m not worth anything to them. I could call the cops and tell them my buddies were coming over to buy a sack and they would probably laugh and tell me they’ve got better things to worry about. I’m not worth the trouble.

Let me ask you, when you came to this site, was your first reaction, “Hey! I’d better call the police and tell them what this guy’s doing.”?


I don’t think anyone else has had that reaction either.


Q. Aren’t you just a sellout? Didn’t you turn in one of your friends? How can we listen to you now after what you did?

A. Well. I was a sellout, back in early 1999, but I had a completely different perspective on the justice system back then. I thought cops didn’t lie. I thought the system would come through on all its threats. I thought society actually believed all the propaganda about marijuana, and that I’d be seen as any other criminal.

But I didn’t completely sell out this person. The police promised again and again that he would not be arrested, and in fact they would not have enough evidence to arrest him. I would not have done it if not for that promise. It was true that they didn’t have enough evidence to legally arrest him, but they went out and did it anyway. But in the end, nothing happened to him. He didn’t see a minute of jail or a dollar fine. If you’re interested, you can read the complete story.

So yeah, I did a horrible thing to another dealer. I wouldn’t call him a friend exactly. an acquaintance. He didn’t deserve it by any means, so I don’t blame him for beating the crap out of me for revenge. Many readers still try to make me feel bad about what I did, but I think I’ve already paid the price. We consider ourselves even now. So now I want to use this site to turn my experiences into something positive, that others can learn from.

So for anyone who wants to write me an email telling me I’m a horrible person, I should say, I’ve already heard it. It’s not going to do anyone any good in the long run. It won’t help others to avoid making the same mistake. Anger is a gift. You can use it to punish the past or to fix the future.

Q. Do you know anything about passing drug tests?

A. A little bit. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to cheat drug tests. I’ve known people who didn’t quit for even a day, then passed by taking large doses of Echinacea with Goldenseal and cranberry, or using a urine additive. I knew another who quit for two weeks and used a system-cleanser with a %200 guarantee and still failed.

I had another friend who states that there is a dietary supplement called Sonne 7 that can be taken in liquid form. You take a shot a day of the stuff and after a month it clears your system and as long as you keep taking a single shot every single day, you can pass all the drug tests you want.

I knew one friend who took a test for a job taking no break from smoking, as he was almost a daily smoker, and didn’t cheat in any way. He came up clean for marijuana, but tested positive for barbiturates, which he had never tried in his life.

So don’t let yourself be screwed over by a drug test. You have a right to cheat the tests, and no one can catch you unless you tell them you’re cheating.

I finally managed to find a good document on drug testing, How to Pass a Drug Test. Keep in mind that I haven’t actually read much of it, and I can’t guarantee it, but it seemed like the author knew what he was talking about. If you use the advice, let me know how things turn out.

If anyone out there can confirm or deny any of the drug test cheating sytems out there or that I’ve mentioned, please contact me.

Q. Do you need a hookup, Kalin? I sell quantity.

A. No. Again, that safety issue. I’m flattered, though. I already have a steady supplier, but thanks. If you’re looking for more customers, I can advertise your wares on my website at no charge.

Q. Do you have a problem finding people to sell to you because of this website and because you were a narc once?

A. It’s an issue, I suppose. It’s not a problem though. I’m open and honest with my dealers and I tell them about my website and that I once narced on an acquaintance. Normally, an intelligent dealer wouldn’t have anything to do with someone who once narced, but because of this website and the fact that I’m honest and trying to show people what a mistake I made, it’s not such a big deal. Once in a while they get a little nervous about my site, thinking the heat might be up on me, but they usually get over it.

Q. Do you have advice for someone searching for pot?

A. My first suggestion is to relax. It’s not that big of a deal if you can’t find weed right now. Something will come along. It always does. Beyond that, you should read my answer to all your problems. Basically, just be yourself, be patient, and just keep asking people. Sometimes the last person you’d think who’d be smoking weed is the one that can hook you up with the killer green. Often times, people that don’t smoke weed at all will know someone that can help.

If you’re nervous about asking people or get the impression that they don’t trust you, start out by mentioning weed a few times or joking about it to show them you’re okay with it and that you’re open minded. Later, you can ask if you can give them five or ten bucks to smoke you a bowl. Still later, you can ask if they know someone who can hook you up.

Read my common courtesy for drug buyers page page, to make sure you know all the little courtesies involved in buying a sack. Failing to follow courtesies is what will get people to stop doing business with you. You should also read my book, Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Distribution to get a feel for how dealers work. It should be very helpful, even if you have no plans of becoming a dealer.

Q. Why do you sell marijuana?

A. To provide a service to the community, To get high, To meet new people, To make extra money, To make a stand for freedom, To earn free weed, To put some excitement back into life, To promote peace, To have fun, To avoid living life as a slave.

Q. Should I start selling marijuana?

A. Why not?


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