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My girlfriend talked me into seeing the new Lego movie the other night. I wasn’t expecting much, but then she told me it had a 90-something rating on Rotten Tomato so I thought there might be something to it.

Right off the bat this movie starts poking fun at our brainwashed, media-manipulated, totalitarian culture and how oblivious we are to it. Then it goes into a fun little music video before moving on to a psychedelic underground experience that I immediately knew had to be LSD or mushroom inspired. It moves on to demonstrate how psychotic and brutal our police forces are, then there’s an anarchist who saves the day. They travel to an anarchist culture depicted as a beautiful place of peace and freedom without ignoring the inherent difficulties that would be involved in an anarchist culture.

Later in the film there is a blatant reference to LSD… at least it seemed pretty blatant to me, though unfortunately I can’t tell you what it is without giving a spoiler warning. Suffice it to say this movie is intended as a metaphor for an average Joe who drops some acid and suddenly sees the world around him for what it truly is and uses that experience to embrace his creativity and build a better world for himself and the people around him.

So I highly recommend this movie. Probably the best social commentary cartoon movie since Wall-E. The preview doesn’t do it justice.

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