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I’ve finally finished the rough draft of my next novel, which I am now calling Daughter: The Journals of Allihence and the Wild Ones. I still need to do a bunch of work on it to fill in some of the gaps and correct some issues so it’s still going to be many months before I can put it out on Amazon. I posted the first couple chapters some time ago then found this chapter later on. I can’t remember when I wrote this. I think it was during one of my more recent edits, but I think it does a good job portraying what our main character is up to.

Anyway, here it is, the second preview of my next novel:

I keep holding this leather pouch, all folded up to contain all my papers and thinking, this is me, right here in my hands. All these things happening would make for a great story to fill these pages.

But there’s a problem and the problem is me.

What are the elements of a good story, Dear Reader? Well, there must be conflict. We’ve got that, between us humans and those carathlings. We need a plot and a couple subplots. Journey across a new continent as I redefine my journal. We need a setting. We started on a beautiful island and have entered a fascinatingly complex forest. Check. We need a theme. That, I believe, would be my underlying belief that humans and carathlings can find a better way of interacting. Humans don’t need to be forced and carathlings don’t need to hunt and breed us. Check.

We need a protagonist. That would be me. The protagonist must have character flaws. I assume I have those covered. I’ve got some strengths as well. The protagonist must have unique or complicated but identifiable emotions. I don’t think that’s a problem with someone like me. Check, check and check.

However, there’s one important part of any story that you can never forget.

The protagonist must take a direct part in the story. They don’t need to be the big hero, but no reader wants a story about someone who sits on the sidelines writing about what’s going on. You can’t write a good story about someone who follows the rules and does what she’s told. You can’t write a good story about someone who refuses to take risks.

Life is like a story, Dear Reader. Look at your own. Have you made the choices of a protagonist or are you a supporting character? Either way, you are part of a massive story that we are all writing every moment of every day. We each have the power to affect the experience and outcome of that story.

This book is my life. Right now I have a choice. I can make this a story or it can just be a journal.

I feel powerful holding this that represents my life, here in my hands. It’s all mine. This book belongs to me.

Like how my life belongs to me. Like how my story belongs to me.
I do not belong to the carathlings.

That is why I have been talking with the person who will remain unnamed, the person pushing us toward an escape plan. In case we are not successful, I will not write the person’s name. Here on these pages, however, I will admit that yes, I am supporting our escape attempt. I have an obligation to the spirits that govern our emotions and the gods who created our world.

I have an obligation to write a story.

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