Worldwide – U.S. Ranks 1st in Gun Ownership

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Worldwide – U.S. Ranks 1st in Gun Ownership and 28th in Gun Homicide

Interesting facts about gun ownership and crime rates. It usually seems like the liberals are the ones more likely to use statistics and logic to argue their points, but it seems when it comes to gun laws, everything is backward. Why are people so terrified of guns when there are about twenty things in the United States that kill more people? If we put the same effort and public attention into combating heart disease that we do into gun violence, we could save a whole lot more lives. The statistics on this page are pretty hard to argue against (assuming they’re accurate). It seems the gun control advocates either use manipulative statistics or resort to describing just how terrified they are, while implying their opponent’s fear of a totalitarian government is not worth considering. I thought liberalism was about logical problem solving, not fear mongering.

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