We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant – YouTube

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Ah, yes, it’s becoming 1984 quite quickly around here. Personally I think Animal Farm does a better job of painting the picture of how our government becomes totalitarian. It’s just that we need to wake up here and realize what’s happening, how power-hungry and sadistic people are dominating our culture and manipulating the masses. And we’re not waking up to see it and try to put a stop to it. Maybe it’s partly because hollywood puts out so many amazingly entertaining movies and tv shows that we never have the time to sit and watch something of value like this video that’s basically a collection of news clips set up to tell the story of how our country is deteriorating into another totalitarian regime, right before our eyes.

Most people say it’ll never happen to them until it does. Then they become unable to deal with it. For many people, sometimes entirely law-abiding people, a run-in with a police officer can be the most traumatizing event of their entire lives, and every year that goes by those instances are increasing in both volume and intensity. Compassionate people should always oppose increases in the police force.

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