A different kind of love story

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Some friends introduced me to this little video a number of years ago and I’ve been showing it to my friends ever since, but for some reason I never thought to do a blog post about it. When I first started showing it to people it was just about shock value for me. I liked to see their jaws drop and the disgust on people’s faces, but after a little while I found myself more comfortable with the things they were saying and I started showing this video to people, kind of as a test of how accepting and liberal they are. It seems I’ve seen a lot of liberals, or people who call themselves liberals, who say they support people’s right to be whoever they want to be and support sexual freedom, when really what they mean is that it’s okay to be gay or if you’re lucky, transgendered or maybe a few other sexual oddities that they may have been exposed to, but when they see something like this, all their liberalism goes out the window and we find that they are really only supporting the rights of the people they have been taught to support and don’t follow a fundamental philosophy of sexual and personal freedom. So this video, I have found, is a great test to see if someone is truly accepting of people’s differences, or if they are just going along with what is politically correct nowadays.

So watch this video, throw out your preconceptions about what is acceptable and what is not.


When I first started watching this, I was disgusted too, and I suppose I still am disgusted, but I should say that I am far, far more disgusted by sounding, which is something that makes me so sick that I won’t even discuss it here. If you want to know what that is, you can google it and find out about how it’s all the rage right now with the gay and alternative sexuality communities, and I’m sure you can find a whole list of safety and health concerns that can be rather serious. However, you may look it up and just shrug and say, “I don’t see what Kalin finds so disgusting”, as most people I run into cannot understand why I find sounding to be so disgusting and appalling. This is why we need to have a philosophy of allowing other people freedom, assuming they are consensual and don’t harm others, no matter how disgusted we are by them.

But these two have a real uphill battle for acceptance even though they’re really doing nothing wrong. As I’ve re-watched this video numerous times over the years, I’ve come to see this as a romantic tale much more than a shocking one. KingKaiju54 on YouTube says “Still a better love story than twilight.” and I would go ahead and agree except I don’t want to imply that I have anything against Twilight fans because we all should have a right to enjoy what we enjoy.

But beyond this, the more I watch this, the more I am impressed by the courage these two show. I know tons of people who hide their sexuality from family members, and frequently even their doctors. I completely understand not being flamboyant about your sexuality around people who just aren’t into it, but to hide it and lie about it I think is… well, I can’t call it cowardly because I know it really is difficult if you have closed minded family members… but I guess I should say it’s not the direction we should be taking and in most cases, it’s worth the difficulty and awkwardness of being open and having those conversations.

But these two jump right past that and go on a documentary show, without their faces blurred or voices altered, and stand up for their right to be who they want to be, knowing that they will probably be the object of more hate than most members of the gay community will. So yeah, I will say that these two have a level of courage that we should all look up to. I would show this video to my kids and tell them, you know, it might not be the best idea to go out and fuck horses, because there certainly are serious dangers, but if your heart is telling you to do something and it doesn’t interfere with other people’s ability to live their lives, then you should have the courage to follow your heart and you should have the courage to talk about it, be open about it, and remember that if people hate you for it, that’s their problem.

So yeah, I’ll admit that I think the couple in this video are courageous heroes worthy of our admiration.


“I don’t think it matters what you love. It could be a person. It could be a thing. As long as you love it totally, completely, and without judgement.”

-Norm Peterson, Cheers, final episode

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