Thoughts on the Election

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So I’m pretty happy with how things turned out last night. I got everything I wanted with the exception of %5 of the vote going to Gary Johnson, but I kinda knew that wasn’t going to happen. I’m glad Obama won, of course. I was rooting for him, though I certainly didn’t vote for him this second time around. People seem excited that now that he doesn’t have to worry about reelection, he will show his true colors… what I don’t know is will he show himself as a liberal and come around to marijuana legalization and fight extra hard for health care and equal rights, or will he show himself as someone who is in bed with the military and is gunning for a war with Iran. I guess only time will tell.

Marijuana got legalized here in Washington and in Colorado, and the fact that it passed in two places means the federal government is going to have twice as hard of a time fighting it. A couple other states legalized medical marijuana, so an end to the drug war actually feels like it could happen in my lifetime.

Gay marriage was legalized here in Washington (thank God… and speaking of God I’ll give another shout out to Faith • Equality • Family, my new favorite religious organization). Gay marriage is a ridiculous thing to fight about and I pray that the religious groups just give up and let it go because it’s such a dividing issue that’s wasting resources and distracting everyone away from important issues like foreign policy…

…and actually, to go off on a tangent, a gay issue that I think is more important than marriage, is blood donation. It seems a lot of straight folks don’t realize that men cannot donate blood here in the United States if we’ve had gay sex since the 1970’s. What they define as sex I’m not sure, but people seem to believe that even oral counts. Even I had forgotten about this little detail when I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago about how I felt guilty for never donating blood, and didn’t realize it’s not even legal for me to do so. (As an anarchist I know that’s no excuse and I trend toward straight anyway so it would be no issue for me to get away with it.) But this is a good point because this isn’t just unfairly limiting gay men, it’s also limiting bisexuals and a growing number of straight men who have experimented once or twice. As the gay community becomes more accepted by society, experimentation is going to become more acceptable and appealing in the straight community and this law is going to become more damaging as time goes on. There’s no reason why a law with no scientific basis should be putting people’s lives at risk and complicating our already convoluted medical procedures… not to mention the fact that it’s insulting and bigoted. Anyway, I really hope the gay community turns toward this as their next issue, though I’m not sure if that’s something that can be dealt with on the state level.


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