Tasered 10-Year-Old Boy Sues Police

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Tasered 10-Year-Old Boy Sues Police – ABC News.

It’s fascinating that people don’t think police brutality exists, yet we can hear about incidents like this… or do we? Does anyone pay attention when this kind of thing happens? Does anyone care about police brutality victims or do we just assume they had it coming?

When you examine it from the officer’s perspective, in order this kind of thing to occur, the officer has to be so thoroughly comfortable with force, violence and causing suffering that he sees this as reasonable in the situation. In order for him to do something like this so blatantly while thinking he could get away with it, indicates that he has done things like this before or seen these kinds of things and grown very comfortable with them.

Very few people will question a police officer in these situations. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to someone carrying a gun who could destroy your life. That’s why the vast majority of the time, they get away with it and incidents like this are just the tip of the iceberg.

Think about it. I made hundreds if not thousands of drug deals in my ten years as a dealer but was only busted once despite flaunting it on the internet using my real name. If I can get away with that, I think the police themselves can get away with a whole lot more.

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