Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy

-- Download Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy as PDF --

I wonder how many Americans are aware of this. In the face of The United States deliberately forcing innocent Iranians into starvation with devastating and hateful trade sanctions, what do the Iranians do? They offer to send aid to help New Yorkers after the hurricane.

Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy :.

Sometimes I wonder if this is how the rational people in early Nazi Germany felt. I know that’s a harsh statement, but I can’t help worrying. I feel like my country has gotten their priorities and perspectives dangerously mixed up. Just as one example, how can we hate Iranians when they show us this kind of compassion, and they haven’t even waged a foreign conflict in over a century?

I feel like half our country has been brainwashed into hating people for no reason, and will invent any kind of excuse and jump through a multitude of mental hoops to maintain their hatred. Meanwhile, you talk to the liberals about war, about how Obama wants to dramatically increase our military, supports drone raids, murdered a group of teenagers because one of them posted some opinions he disagreed with, and openly supports the sanctions that have caused suffering for innocent Iranians, and liberals just have the attitude that yeah, these things are bad but we shouldn’t really prioritize them because Obama supports gay rights and abortion and that’s what really matters. I wholeheartedly support gay marriage (or even better, getting government out of our personal lives entirely), but I can’t understand how a slip of paper from the government is so important in the face of worldwide death and destruction and the things that Barack Obama supports. I’ve gotten used to the conservative war-advocates in America, but what’s really been bothering me lately is the apathy of my fellow liberals.

Both parties are spending us into the ground. Both parties are in bed with the military and pushing toward global domination. Both parties oppose an end to the racist and globally devastating war on drugs. Both parties pander to whoever will give them a vote. Both parties can be bought by anyone with enough money. Both parties lie and consistently make empty promises. Both parties ignore the constitution or manipulate it for their own gain. And neither party will ever face real consequences as long as we go along with the two-party system.

Obama was the first and only Republican or Democrat that I’ve ever voted for and now I have to say I regret falling for his promises. I understand he’s better than the other guy but the lesser of two evils is still evil.

So this year I voted for Gary Johnson because my values won’t allow me to put my stamp of approval on a corrupt system.

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