I’m No Longer a Criminal?

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It feels weird… marijuana was legalized here in Washington State last night. What am I gonna do now? I’ve waited almost fifteen years for this, now, in one month, I will no longer be a criminal. I won’t have to worry on a daily basis about being harassed by the police. I’ll be able to be totally open and honest about my habits. It’s kind of surreal. Probably not much will actually change about my life, and will possibly even be smoking less pot now, as the thrill seems to be already waning.

It’s fascinating to think about what kind of effect this might have. It sounds like it’s going to bring in a tremendous amount of revenue for the state, which is going to be big motivation for other states to follow suit. We’re going to be a testing ground for legalization and the whole world is going to see that marijuana does not make you go crazy. Perhaps our crime rates will lower by a measurable degree and that will be even another selling point. This could be the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition… I hope.

Most people think of the drug war as just being kind of lame, like who cares if these guys smoke weed? But I really feel as though the drug war causes a tremendous amount of problems throughout the world that too many people in America are not aware of. Many nations have been devastated by conflicts driven by the drug trade, and the industry is frequently used to mask the weapons trade, and the whole system creates massive confusion and an air of distrust and hostility throughout the globe on both state levels and personal levels. I’m proud that my state could possibly, if all goes well, be the beginning of the end to all that.

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