When Atheism and Anarchism Coincide (Post List Test)

-- Download When Atheism and Anarchism Coincide (Post List Test) as PDF --

Today I released the new version 3.0 of Post List, my WordPress plugin that allows you to build presets that you can then refer to by shortcode in your posts, or add to your theme with a PHP snippet. Also, new in version 3.0 is a widget. I’ve added one called “recent posts” to my left sidebar, though I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep it. I’ve also added a bunch of cool features to Kalin’s Post List, like a shortcode to call a custom PHP function, post comments, tags, cats, and parent shortcodes, and a preview feature so you don’t need to make a test post to see what your list will look like.

One other feature I’ve added is the ability to require that all your selected tags or categories be included in every post, as opposed to the default behavior which only requires each post to have one of the selected tags or categories. This makes it so you can make lists of overlapping things, so just as a test to show you, I thought I’d give you a dynamically generated list of my blog posts that fall under both the atheism and anarchism categories.

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