Customize/Translate the word ‘page’ in Kalin’s PDF Creation Station

-- Download Customize/Translate the word 'page' in Kalin's PDF Creation Station as PDF --

I had someone make a request of my PDF Creation Station WordPress plugin to be able to customize the word ‘page’ which appears before the number at the bottom of each page. I may add a field onto the settings pages for this, but in the meantime, you can customize/translate this word by adding the following code into your wp-config.php file:

define("KALINS_PDF_PAGE_TRANSLATION", "page translation");

Doing this should keep the translation even after I upgrade the plugin.


2 thoughts on “Customize/Translate the word ‘page’ in Kalin’s PDF Creation Station”

  1. Hi Kalin,

    this is really a great tool. Thanks a lot for this. I think, I’ll give it a chance for our monthly pdf-magazine.

    Two questions:

    1) How to translate “Table Of Contents” inside the pdf?

    2) How to store the presets of custom generation under the tools menu?

    Best wishes


    1. 1) go to line 404 of kalins_pdf_create.php (located in your plugins folder) and see the text that says “Table of Contents” – change that to whatever you want. You’ll need to re-do this whenever I make a plugin update, but I have no plans to do that unless a new version of wordpress breaks something.

      2) sorry, this was a feature I wanted to add, but never got around to before moving on to other projects. All I can suggest is copy/paste into an external document. 🙂

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