Taco Bell Promotes Drunk Driving

-- Download Taco Bell Promotes Drunk Driving as PDF --

So on Friday, as promised, I posted another true story, The Sacred Rules of the Drive-thru. It seems pretty self-explanatory, how banning bicyclists and walk-up guests at the drive-thru is promoting drunk driving because drunk people need to eat. Sometimes getting food is a health issue if they haven’t eaten anything in a long time and have a belly full of alcohol, but the real issue is that this rule forces drunk people to drive and sometimes forces people who don’t have cars to go hungry and feel as though they are not equal members of society. The insurance companies and lawyers make their rules regarding whose at fault in the unlikely event that someone is actually injured, so the fast-food companies must put their restrictive, and in my opinion discriminatory rules onto the people. People without cars are people too and should have the same right to get food late at night.

Now I’m not talking about this as a real issue that we need to seriously address. It’s just one example out of many of how our obsession with rules has become counter-productive to a fair and orderly society. People too often forget that rules should always have a human purpose and should always solve more problems than they cause. I don’t believe that it should be okay to cite the existence of one rule to justify another. We’ve gotten to a point where we care more about the organization and enforcement of laws than we do about people’s lives.

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