Last Week’s story, Amtrak Weed

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I haven’t been posting much this week because I’ve been working on my short story called Pioneers, about a bunch of children colonizing a planet. I probably shouldn’t talk too much about it since you’re supposed to have to figure out that they’re children as you’re reading 🙂 and because if all goes well, I won’t be posting it on this site. I’m actually gonna make an attempt at getting published again.

Anyhoo – last Friday, as promised, I posted another true short story called Amtrak Weed, and didn’t bother writing an entry about it until now.

So this story’s overall theme–other than the drunken humor–is about how easy it is to diffuse tense situations if you simply come at it from the right perspective. So spoiler: in this story I’m on the Amtrak and I somehow get between this guy with a knife and the dude he was threatening. Huge, screaming, possibly dangerous fight seems eminent. Long story short, I ask if they want to smoke some weed, crack a few jokes, and I laugh off the little knife-threatening incident like it’s just a childish fight. This all catches the knife-dude off guard, and his emotions and perspective suddenly shifts, as often happens with drinkers, and suddenly everyone’s friends again.

However, law-enforcement types would have come into the situation with force, never stopping to understand where the guy was coming from or what was really going on. They would see that knife and see him as nothing more than an enemy, and not as a person. Knife-dude never would have had the perspective shift. He never would have shaken hands with or apologized to his victim, and ultimately everyone would have been more traumatized by the whole situation.

This is one of the core reasons I am an anarchist, because I believe there are far better ways to address scary situations than war or police force.


Tomorrow comes another true story that has influenced my anarchism called My Intro to Capitalism

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