Kalin’s Post List version 3.1

-- Download Kalin's Post List version 3.1 as PDF --

Today I released version 3.1 of Kalin’s Post List WordPress Plugin. This, unfortunately, is mostly a cleanup release. I’ve decided to stop forward development on this plugin because I don’t seem to have any problem finding good programming jobs, so I don’t feel the need to expand my portfolio so much anymore and really need to focus on my story writing, which is still my first love. I do, however, intend to continue addressing bugs, maintaining current WordPress compatibility, and answering user questions.

If you have any interest in continuing forward development on this plugin, by all means, feel free. I’ll offer any advice or help I can.

There were a number of little bugs that I had to fix:

  • removed contextual help and added a link to the same help page on my website. this help menu was causing a problem with a small number of users who had XML support issues in their PHP installation. The help page is still available in the plugin source files
  • added [post_content] shortcode back into the documentation after I accidentally deleted it
  • removed global $post object from comments callback. Fixes bug where an extra post was being added to the page when this shortcode was used
  • Did same thing for php_function callback to fix the same issue. using php_function now requires you to pass in the necessary information through the shortcode parameter
  • removed a bunch of orderby options because they had stopped working in recent WordPress core upgrades
There were some features I really wanted to add, but decided not to dedicate the time:
  • custom taxonomy support
  • ability to list by author
  • ability to list comments as though they were posts
  • ability to select post status, so you can list only future posts or exclude private posts, etc.
  • ability to export all your presets to a JSON string or file, so you could save all your presets to your local computer, just in case your WordPress crashed or you needed to transfer them to a new blog.
  • advanced sorting to allow orderby to work for post slug or category
  • multi-level listing, such as ability to list off categories/tags/parents with sub-posts listed below each

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