Kalin’s Post List Version 2.0 Released

-- Download Kalin's Post List Version 2.0 Released as PDF --


Today I released version 2.0 of my WordPress plugin called Kalin’s Post List. Here’s some of the features I’ve added:

*added Custom post type support
*”None” post support (you can now use the plugin to simply insert plain HTML. Shortcodes here refer to current page)
*support for listing pages/custom posts based on parent page (including current page)
*post thumbnail/featured image shortcode
*shortcode for link to page/post PDF (requires PDF Creation Station plugin)
*format parameter for total customization of all date/time shortcodes
*length parameter to [post_excerpt] shortcode
*offset parameter for [item_number] shortcode to start count at something other than 1
*shortcodes now show nothing if no results instead of broken/empty list
*fail gracefully when incorrect preset param entered (shows error if admin, nothing if regular user)
*improved handling of HTML-conflicting characters
*strip shortcodes out before showing excerpts
Kalin’s Post List creates a shortcode or PHP snippet for inserting dynamic, highly customizable lists of posts or pages such as related posts or table of contents into your post content or theme.
Code is poetry.

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