Kalin’s Easy Edit Links Version 1.0 – I mean, 1.1

-- Download Kalin's Easy Edit Links Version 1.0 - I mean, 1.1 as PDF --

Yesterday I released version 1.0 of Kalin’s Easy Edit Links WordPress plugin. It’s basically the second version but for some reason my original release, which I called 0.7, didn’t have any bugs or anything I’d forgotten, so I never actually had an excuse to make another release to bring it up to 1.0.

However, the bug-free-ness didn’t continue. After upgrading on my live site, I discovered a mysterious PHP error that was only occurring on KalinBooks.com and not on either of my development environments. There’s nothing I hate more than developing against a live site, but if you can’t reproduce the problem anywhere else, that’s what you gotta do. Turned out it had to do with the excerpts I was manually pulling out of the post content. The HTML source looked to have a bunch of corrupt characters in the post. I wonder if the processor was just kinda choking because it was retrieving the full post content for every page and post on my whole website, then truncating and displaying a portion of that content, all in one page view.

Anyway, to fix this, I added in 1.1 the ability to turn the excerpts on and off. If anyone has any ideas what may be happening, please let me know.

With 1.0 I’ve added:

* custom post type support
* column for attachments
* ability to select which post types to show
* ability to customize order and abbreviation of columns

With 1.1 I’ve added:
* ability to turn “excerpts in link titles” on and off

Kalin’s Easy Edit Links adds a customizable box to your edit screens with links and edit buttons for all pages, posts, tags, categories, attachments, links and custom post types for convenient linking.

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