KalinBooks Entire Blog as PDF (Creation Station Example)

-- Download KalinBooks Entire Blog as PDF (Creation Station Example) as PDF --

I just released Kalin’s PDF Creation Station version 3.0, which now has better performance on the tool page when creating PDFs, so it should no longer hang/fail/timeout when trying to build a huge file. To prove this, here’s my entire blog as a PDF, including images, and a new feature, a Table of Contents page. To save paper, I used the new feature which allows you to eliminate page breaks between posts. If not, it would have been around 285 pages instead of 174.

3 thoughts on “KalinBooks Entire Blog as PDF (Creation Station Example)”

  1. A friendly suggestion for a “feature”.
    Could you make your plugin format the output so it’s a little more “slick” the way this online service does?
    Or at least make some options available for “beautification” formatting.

    Run a few pages of your blog using the online pdf maker and you’ll see what I mean.

    Don’t get me wrong…Your plugin is marvelous! Actually better than the Joliprint one. A little formatting bling would polish it up real fine though and make publishing a book from one’s blog a true reality 🙂

    Keep up the great work! And thanks for your efforts!

    1. Hmmm, ya I see what you mean. The three column layout and maybe the header images are the only thing you cant do with Creation Station, except that their font looks a lot better.

    2. Joliprint really does a nice job of formatting the PDF. What I like is how it hypenates words automatically so that the justified text is evenly spread out (splitting up words over two lines connected with a hyphen). Can Creation Station do that? Would be a nice feature.
      Thanks Kalin for the “page” translate function. Thanks too for adding the content filter. It works great! Now my footnotes and foreign language quotation marks work fine.

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