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I am currently hard at work on version 2.0 of Kalin’s PDF Creation Station WordPress plugin, which is one of my excuses for not making many blog entries lately. It occurred to me that some users may have SVN and want to get their hands on the new features a little early, before I’m completely finished testing and tweaking. It also helps me a lot to have someone using it before the new features go live.

If you have SVN, the repository locations are (for my Post List plugin) (for Easy Edit Links plugin)

Newest beta versions of these plugins should be located in the branches folder. If branches is empty, I have probably taken a break from that particular plugin project. Creation Station is my big project, the other two are comparatively simple plugins.


New stuff in the PDF Creation Station 2.0 beta:

*Added support for custom post types
*moved the code identifying the default PDF directory and URL into a few constants at the top of kalins-pdf-creation-station.pdf, so that hackers can easily change them to whatever they want. Added example code that can be un-commented to change the PDF directory to use the base domain of your site instead of the wordpress uploads directory.
*Fixed minor bug where ‘reset defaults’ on the settings page wasn’t refreshing the ‘post slug’ and ‘show on home’ checkboxes
*Added “create all” button on settings page
*Added “automatically generate PDFs on publish and update” option on settings page
*changed blockquote code so it uses the ‘pre’ tag because it was the only way to get TCPDF to actually display anything since it doesn’t want to render blockquotes or tables properly
*added post_excerpt code to use “wp_trim_excerpt”, which doesn’t appear to be functioning anymore — then changed to manually extract 250 characters from the page content
*added option to run other plugin shortcodes to both settings and tool pages
*added option to convert embedded youtube videos into a link to that video
*added ‘format’ parameter to all time shortcodes for total custom date/time formatting
*added ‘length’ parameter to the post_excerpt shortcode to set character count of the excerpt
New stuff in the works for Kalin’s Post List version 2.0:
*add format parameter for total customization of all date/time shortcodes
*add length parameter to [post_excerpt] shortcode
*add offset parameter for [item_number] shortcode to start count at something other than 1
*add ‘increment’ param for [item_number] shortcode to allow counting by something other than 1
*Custom post type support
*”None” post support (use the plugin to simply insert plain HTML)
*support for listing pages/custom posts based on parent page
*post thumbnail/featured image shortcode
*shortcode for link to page/post PDF (requires PDF Creation Station plugin)

6 thoughts on “Become a Kalin’s WordPress Plugin Beta Tester”

  1. If I want to keep the changes I made to the tcpdf directory (adding extra language files), can I just copy all the files of the new version of the plugin to my plugin folder except the tcpdf directory?

    1. Yup, totally. I don’t make any changes to the TCPDF folder, so that it’s compatible with newer/different versions of TCPDF, except maybe deleting stuff that’s not used.

  2. Thanks for the plugin,
    I was just going to ask how to change the location of where the PDFs are saved to, but if I understand right, that will be easy in version 2.0, right? I’d like to try out your beta version.

    1. Well, it won’t be as easy as entering the url in the plugin settings, but if you know basic PHP, it shouldn’t be a problem. It will require copying a few lines of code into your wp-config.php. That’s all.

      1. Yeah, in kalins-pdf-creation-station.php, starting around line 40. I actually have written a blog post describing how to do this, which I’ll post right after the release. I’ll email you a copy of that post.

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