True Story About Isaac Zamora: Middle Finger Vengeance

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I just put up one of the most important true stories that I’ve posted so far, about the guy I knew growing up who murdered a bunch of people in 2008.

Some of my writings I have been very hesitant to post because I’m afraid that they will seriously offend people, and specifically with my true stories I’m worried about people either claiming that I remembered the incident incorrectly or that I shouldn’t be writing about people without their permission. My newest story, Middle Finger Justice, is definately one of those stories.

This one involves Isaac Zamora, the guy who lived next door to me as a child then murdered a bunch of people in the name of Jesus. It also involves a few of Isaac’s family members. I changed their names, though obviously anyone could figure out who they are by reading a couple of the news stories about Isaac. I didn’t want to have the story tie back to them at all because they’ve been tortured enough by what happened and the last thing I want to do is cause them any more grief, but I also felt I needed to give Isaac’s full real name so that people could confirm that at least the part about him killing a bunch of people in the name of God is completely true. I must apologize to the people in this story, but I feel strongly that these kind of experiences need to be talked about so that we have a better chance of understanding why people do things like go on killing sprees.

In this story I address a bit about religion, of course, but more importantly this concept that swearing and middle fingers are somehow evil and wrong as opposed to being simply avenues of communication. Every time I hear a bleeped word on the radio or hear someone carefully tiptoeing around certain words while in the presence of children, I think about this event, and about how these types of moral issues can overshadow, much more important things.

One person in this story felt completely justified in breaking someone’s legs over a middle finger, and from her perspective it made perfect sense. She believed the middle finger was a curse, and that curses were real. This is a belief that I was told as a child that I needed to respect, even if I knew it was far removed from reality. This is why we don’t allow swearing on TV and why even very liberal individuals will avoid swearing around children. We are showing respect toward the feelings of those who believe that demons will come and swallow them up and drag them down to hell if they hear too many curse words. But by doing this, we are giving credit to those beliefs, making them socially acceptable and helping fool people into thinking they’re reasonable.

Over the years as I was growing up I would occasionally have the desire to go over to the Zamora’s house and try to convince them to see some other ways of thinking. One reason I chose not to was because I didn’t want to seem like the intolerant atheist. Now I must admit that if as a kid I hadn’t had so much respect for their belief system, perhaps I could have set a few thoughts moving in Isaac’s head that, while certainly wouldn’t have convinced him to reject his religion, may have given him enough of an alternative perspective that those six people wouldn’t have had to die.

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  1. Oh weird, Brandon’s comment showed up under my name and avatar. Maybe I’ll turn off auto-posting from my site to facebook so I don’t get blamed for other people’s comments. …Don’t worry, Love, I don’t feel too bad. This is kind of my way of convincing myself to not feel so guilty about offending people with my opinions.

  2. People are definitely more open when they are young, that’s how they become convinced of mystical voo doo nonsense. And your assertion that you perhaps could have convinced the kid to think otherwise is probably also correct, depending on how deeply he had been brainwashed. Kids require little to no evidence for their beliefs, their brains are soft and open to anything. That is why teaching mythological religion to kids should be considered child abuse.

  3. It’s all theoretical of course, but people can be the most open to other viewpoints when they’re young, and it’s hard not to wonder if things would have been different if I’d listened to that voice in my head.

  4. Your being to hard on yourself love.The words of an atheist child could not have moved the young man. He would have thought your words crazy and you would have lost a friend.Please do not bear un-needed guilt. Godless heathen that you are I love you.

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