Thou shalt place thyself into the perspectives of others

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I ran into some old writings from a religion I tried to start years ago called Kalinism. Pretty funny idea, I must admit, and most of the pieces to my religion were lost when my old website was stolen from me by an advertising robot. However, the idea here is not such a bad idea and worth re-posting here.¬†This is commandment 10. If I remember correctly, I got up into the 20’s before I decided to change their name from ‘commandments’ to ‘recommendations’.

Commandment 10

Thou shalt place thyself into the perspectives of others.

Being able to understand the motivations and emotions of others is very important to understanding and dealing with the world in which we live, and is very important for people to get along with each other with so many widely varying viewpoints. As a result, a good Kalinist must strive every day to not only understand the perspectives of others, but to feel those perspectives for himself. Essentially, you are expected to at least occasionally imagine that you are someone else, and to really feel the emotions of that person, and to examine the cause and effect that caused that person to evolve.

Doing this will help build a stronger community, as people will be more understanding of each other, and having a better understanding of various common viewpoints will help you to figure out your own.

But this commandment is even more important with people you dislike. It might seem evil or wrong to imagine yourself as a Nazi or child molestor,and to feel those kind of emotions, but you must have faith that understanding the thoughts and feelings of horrible people is condusive to helping cure those people, despite how creepy and wrong it may feel… however, you should also have the confidence in yourself to know that you will come back from those feelings, and that you will use them to help understand and to put an end to the types of actions in the world that harm the Happiness Graph.

Under Kalinism, it is not acceptable to merely say, “Oh, well, that person is just stupid”, or “that person is just evil and corrupt”. You must always think deeper than that, and examine what specifically caused the person–using REAL WORLD cause and effect–to come to make the choices that they’ve made.

In order for the human race to attain peace, we must have understanding and compassion, and allow basic human dignity for even the most monstrous of people.

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