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A couple years ago I started Wiki as a place for EVE Online fan fiction writers to show off and have a community. I was working for WetPaint at the time, the company that runs the wiki system powering the site (if you see the five interactive Flash site-highlight widgets on the right of the homepage, I built all of those). Unfortunately the site didn’t get too popular and I didn’t have the time or energy necessary to run a game community like that, so now it’s come time for the domain name to run out and I don’t think it’s worth it to keep a site up that nobody is using or maintaining. It’s kinda sad. I thought this was such a good idea at the time. banner
This is about the extent of my PhotoShop abilities 🙁

Now I don’t even really play EVE anymore, and I think I’m going to quit the game altogether once I post my next few fiction works.

I have Compensating For A Small Penis, about two foul-mouthed lieutenants who must fight for their lives after finding a spy. There’s I Killed Him Daddy, about a 12 year old girl who kills a cop with a cattle-prod to protect her alcoholic father’s illegal hobby. Then there’s The Atrocity Planners about a couple children who must try to escape a CONCORD police raid of their home. (Hopefully this last one will get published in EON Magazine, but I’ve been waiting for months for the editor to get back to me about it. In that case, it won’t be available online.) I also have a long, detailed outline for the two sequels of Against A Rock, which are probably not going to ever get written, at least not in their current form. Then I have a couple short sample paragraphs from a novel idea I’m playing around with.

All those things are currently finished, but I just need to get the final edits done and get a little feedback from friends before finally posting them one-by-one.

(Once I finish these stories, I’m planning on taking my fiction writing in a more peaceful, positive direction.)

Then I think I’m going to start giving away all my game assets. (My character is relatively wealthy.) In fact, I’ll give 300 million ISK to the first EVE player who posts in the EVE Online forums with a link somewhere to (like to Against A Rock). Respond in the comments here with a link to your forum post to redeem your prize.

Oh, yeah, so I was also thinking I’d copy over some of the information from into blog posts so it’s not lost forever, even if it is a little out-of-date and will probably get buried under my other blog posts.

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