The Squirrel: Pointless Nonsense

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The other day a squirrel was foraging by the sidewalk and when I came near he scampered up a tree. The decorative trees in the city are pretty small and far apart so he had nowhere to run and hide so I held out my hand and asked him if he wanted a peanut. After a few seconds he climbed down to the lower branches. He grabbed my fingers and opened my hand and when he couldn’t find anything checked the back of my hand and between my fingers. He paused a quick moment before giving my finger a good bite, not enough to break the skin; just enough to let me know he thought I was an asshole.

So that story had nothing to do with anything. It’s not even that funny or interesting… so here’s something else totally pointless that has nothing to do with anything:

I’m kinda trying to figure out what I’m doing with this blog. The advice I read all says that I should stick to a single topic, which I suppose in this case would be anarchism, and perhaps atheism as well, which would both fall under the same topic of the theories that I truly believe could bring peace and harmony to our world. The problem is that those subjects get really heavy and depressing sometimes and most people don’t want to listen to what people like me have to say because they don’t want to consider revamping their whole mode of thinking about society.

My old website was called Get to Know a Marijuana Dealer, and my intent was to talk about myself and try to show that marijuana dealers are generally decent people who care about right and wrong just as much as everyone else. Instead I mostly used the site to rant about problems in society and other people’s lack of morality. People seemed to enjoy my rants, and I had lots of readers, but I never felt like I’d accomplished any of my goals. Sometimes I think KalinBooks should become something like Get to Know an Atheist/Anarchist Who Used to Sell Marijuana. Perhaps posting random crap that happens to be on my mind is the best way to do that, and helps lighten the mood between the times when I talk about the horrifying things that I’ve seen done in the name of God, Jesus and law enforcement.

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