My Spirit Animals One Minute Sketch

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My two spirit animals, a crow and coyote
My spirit animals sketch

Just thought I’d post this real quick because I thought it kind of neat.

I was out at the bar a few nights ago and someone randomly asked me what my favorite animal was. I said “Either a crow or a coyote.” I was thinking of my two experiences with those animals, one as a kid where I was surrounded by a pack of coyotes while eating Fruity Pebbles Cereal and another where a flock of crows attacked me trying to get me to drop my take-out box of delicious barbecue. She brought out her sketch pad and started drawing faster than I think I’ve ever seen anyone draw and a minute later, gave me this:

(ugh, looks like the automatic PDF generator doesn’t handle images very well, not that you need to see this entry in PDF. I’d sure like to build my own PDF generator if only I had the time.)

One thought on “My Spirit Animals One Minute Sketch”

  1. Hey, I did build a PDF generator, as I did only have the time 🙂
    Check out PDF Creation Station WordPress Plugin link to the left (or do a search if this site has changed since I wrote this comment).

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