PDF Creation Station Test

Last night I updated my first WordPress plugin, Kalin’s PDF Creation Station on this site, and somehow it all worked wonderfully. Now the links you see to download my posts as PDF files are coming from my own plugin instead of the AS-PDF plugin I was using earlier.

I was able to figure out how to get a simple regular expression to find and remove the image caption code, so if you go to spirit animals sketch, for example, and click the PDF link, you’ll see that the image actually shows up without all the extra code garbage you would see when I was using AS-PDF. You’ll also notice that the PDF link does not show up on certain pages like table-of-contents pages or this post. In the old plugin it was all or nothing and I couldn’t turn it off for individual pages. AS-PDF also wasted server resources by creating a PDF every time the link was clicked. With my plugin, each file is created once, then cached.

That’s for the single-post feature of this plugin. What this plugin is primarily for is to create large PDF documents with many pages and posts. That functionality is ready to go, but I still need to go through and create a PDF file that contains all my True Stories, one that contains all my ‘Stories of New Beginnings’ stories, one for the Against A Rock bonus materials and possibly one for all my blog entries. Once that’s all done, I just need to wait a week or two and make sure nothing gets hacked or blows up, then I’ll post this baby to the WordPress plugin repository and see what the community thinks of my little project.

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