Pain Killers Comparison Chart – Painkiller Summary

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I was looking for some names for painkillers that sounded like they might still be in use ten thousand years from now for a story I’m writing and I came upon this page and thought I’d quote it for other reasons:

Pain Killers Comparison Chart – Painkiller Summary.

I found this to be an interesting example of the type of thing that drives me toward anarchism. How do people see law enforcement as such a good thing when it’s involved in this kind of cruelty?

The inclusion of high amounts of acetaminophen with all these medications is a rather CRUEL attempt by the pharmaceutical companies to prevent abuse, since overdosing will result in the destruction of the liver. I would describe this, at best, as “not very nice”. The Puritanical ethic at work, destroying livers, and lives.
“Let’s kill off all the druggies.” This is way beyond cynical.

Knowing that these drugs are abused, and then filling them up with the poisonous acetaminophen, is criminal malfeasance by the drug companies.

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