My Two Newest True Stories: The Borrowed Car and Grumpy old Man

-- Download My Two Newest True Stories: The Borrowed Car and Grumpy old Man as PDF --

I haven’t been posting much the last few days as I’ve been working on the beginning to another novel that I may or may not continue called I Kill for Money – A Love Story About Cyborg Assassins, but I have posted a couple new true stories about myself.

A few days ago I put up The Borrowed Car about a time back in my drug dealing days when a complete stranger loaned me her car so I could go buy a bunch of weed from another complete stranger. There’s nothing really deep or meaningful here, just one of those funny little stories that drug dealers can get involved in.

Today I posted a very short true story I call The Grumpy Old Man, about a time when I was a kid and an old man got very angry at a friend and I, but was lacking in communication. This is one of the experiences that led me to believe that anger and punishments (even though we weren’t actually punished for anything) are highly over-used and counter-productive, especially with kids. Far too often kids and even adults are punished for things when they have no idea what they did wrong. Even the psychology textbooks agree that this is counter-productive to proper development.

And in a completely unrelated subject, another reason I haven’t been posting this week is I feel like I should say something about health care, but I promised myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t get nasty and start calling people “monsters” or “selfish” like I too often did in my old blog. It’s difficult with health care because it’s literally a matter of life and death for some people, and a source of some stress in my life, and that’s something I can’t help but take personally. Let’s just say I believe that if we must have a government, then that government’s primary concern should be the health and well-being of its people.

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