Guilty without Evidence – Modern witch hunt

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The other day I heard someone talking about a time when he was on a jury. He said, “It was one of those cases where we all knew he was guilty but just couldn’t find the evidence.”

This frightened me because everyone else seemed to nod as though they know the situation… but I’m wondering how is that even possible? If you don’t have evidence, isn’t that just a modern witch hunt? During the real witch hunts, the persecutors felt every bit as strongly that they were right.

Do people just look at someone and see their cold-hearted expression and simply decide that they’re guilty?

I can think of a lot of situations growing up where a teacher or babysitter would think I did something and decide I was guilty based on my facial expressions or inability to defend myself verbally; and they were wrong every time.

The problem is that there are certain people that just look guilty, who have that guilty persona about them… quite frequently they are guilty of something, but not of what you think they are. I think I may have been one of those people growing up. I always felt as though I was doing something wrong, but I didn’t know what. I wanted to be a good person; I wanted to follow the rules, but every once in a while I would get in trouble for something I didn’t understand, or something I flat out didn’t do, and it made me bitter, angry and scared, which showed up in my face and body language, confirming for everyone that I was guilty.

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  1. Here’s the thing about unexplainable ‘occurences’. Pesronal bias colors how we process information. I told one of my neighbours that I had seen a coyote galloping across our empty nest door one acre central Florida lot. I told him it was taller than his sixty pound half breed German Shepherd. I’m sure he didn’t think that I was lying just to make conversation, but four weeks later he was carrying a five foot long freshly cut tree branch. He had seen the coyote and wasn’t about to ignore the implications, he confessed with a silly embarassed laugh. Until you see strange lights doing strange things in the night sky,UFO sightings are just not taken seriously. Claustrophobia in a world war two submarine is something we can understand, until you step inside the likes of the USS Bowfin in Hawaii, then the experience becomes real. The same for Psychic experience, until you experience one true psychic experience, you have no idea,. But when you do you are changed forever, no matter what anybody says. The wonder of “How could that be ? ” never leaves you. How do you find that kind of Psychic experience? That physic person has to be recommended by someone who was absoloutely floored by what their Psychic told them. I have only met two in thirty years who have told me things that nobody in the world could have known about me and at the time impossible things that came to pass later on.. I go to advertised readers quite often and except for the “Two” all were quacks. but I go just to see because of the impossible to know experiences that I have had. MY point: Ask around until you meet someone who’s had a story that you are satisfied that there’s no way the ‘reader’ could have known, then go see that person’s reader. It may take years to find someone who will satisfy your scrutiny, but becoming aware that time travel in this sense, did occur will expand your concept of Human awareness and all life in general. Some of that stuff is in my book.”Google” my name and watch the two minute Video trailer. It’s fun.

    Ken O. Mc Intosh
    Author of Deadly! Deadly Serious Nonsense and Comical Calamity

  2. Illustrating the obvious to the oblivious: An exerpt from my book follows.
    That’s why so many totally, absolutely innocent women were burned at the stake. The Christians weren’t taking any chances. They didn’t want anyone to have that power. Not even the power to heal. And if you think that witches didn’t have that kind of power, then you are saying that the Church burned all those people at the stake for no reason. And the Pope wouldn’t allow that, would he? He’d allow thousands and thousands of women, the female of the species that most normal men have a protective instinct toward—he’d allow them to be burned alive without proper justification?
    Well, okay then. The punishment must have fit the crime. So these witches must have had some awesome power, you must agree. Just like the Egyptians whose libraries were burned. You’d think that any normal CEO would see talent and opportunity and hire these possessors of magical powers, hire these cosmic “hackers” and use their skills in his global corporation just like CEOs are doing today.

    1. Interesting point that no major corporations hire psychics for their planning. It’s also interesting that police detectives do sometimes hire psychics. Kinda scary. Corporations’ bottom line is dependent on actual, real-world accuracy whereas a detective’s success is dependent on his ability to convince a jury.

  3. Stone cold White W, itch and proud of it,. . . is my wife And she ‘s got a straight right hand that drops the average man. Literally. So much of your posts are her views paraphrased. I just had to write you. Anyway about me. As soon as my dad realized that I had accepted being blamed for everything that went wrong or missing in a family of eight kids, he stopped blaming anyone for anything without proof, which of course gave me license to get away with a whole lot of household crimes. So I then made use of my newfound badge of indemnity untill I was about sixteen or seventeen. I guess that was around the time that I started being really introspective and being gradually awakened to the cosmic tributaries of life that eventually drift us along and into the more turbulent rivers of life experiences . Your posts are the first I’ve ever read and have made me want to read other people’s posts and to write posts of my own . As soon as I can figure out how to coerce my computer to allow me to do it. Thanks for your story, stories. Looking forward to reading a lot more from you.
    Ken O. Mc Intosh
    PS coerce? Is there such a worde as ERCE? or maybe monoerce, or single erce. Words!!
    Author of the book ” Deadly! Deadly Serious Comedy and Comical Calamity”

    1. Hey man thanks for the comments. I’ve been wanting to make a post in response to the other comment you left as it got me thinking about some stuff but have kind of been too distracted by all the other stuff going on in my life. Hopefully ill still get around to it. Thanks again.

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