My new Lounge-Tek laptop stand for exercising

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My exercise bike and lounge-book laptop stand

For a long time my desire to write has directly conflicted with my desire to get in shape (both conflict with that damn Hulu but that’s another issue). I bought a little recumbent exercise bike a year or so ago, but I’ve usually watched Hulu or played Mario Kart Wii while riding. Now I’m hoping I can change that and finally kill two birds with one stone with my new lounge-book laptop stand. I sound like a commercial, I know I’m slowly becoming one of those people I despise, but I think I might really like this thing. I searched for a long time for something like this but most of the options I found were at least $500. I’ve been using it for an hour now (with a wireless keyboard instead of a laptop) and I’m keeping up a good sweat and getting some writing done at the same time. Perhaps this will finally allow me to feel really feel productive in an evening.

I wish it was a little taller so I could get it over my knees. The mouse platform is too small for a mouse, but that’s not a problem for me since I’ve discovered the superiority of the logitek trackball which requires almost no space.

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  1. I love these too. Exercise with a laptop. I use a FitDesk. It gets me riding 5 days a week for over and hour at a time. Awesome. I like the recumbent. Where / how did you make it?

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