My Latest Salvia Trip Story

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So I smoked some salvia divinorum the other day and thought I’d write a salvia trip story about the salvia effects I experienced since the most popular page on my site for search engines seems to be my post about my old robo tripping days. I was out at the bar and had a few gin and tonics then went back to a friend’s house. Just after sitting down, someone offered me a hit of salvia divinorum and passed me a pipe. I hadn’t smoked salvia in five, six, maybe seven years, but remember it as being the most intense high I’d ever experienced. That time I remember being somewhat aware of the fact that I was in a room, except all the objects within the room, like the people, furniture and walls were all moving independently of each other and swirling as though in the Wizard of Oz tornado, but I was still aware that they were objects and I was still in a place.

This time, I simply grabbed the pipe without thinking about it and took a single, reasonably sized hit and held it in for a few seconds as you’re supposed to do with salvia. Then reality simply disintegrated, and suddenly I felt like I was back at the bar, but I knew I wasn’t really there, and at the same time I was in the hallway outside the apartment and at the same time I was inside the apartment as well as in process of moving inside the apartment, but I didn’t really know what any of those places were. I kept thinking there was a place I was supposed to be, a place that existed at a specific location in physical space as well as time, and I needed to traverse time and space in order to get to this place, but at the same time, I knew I was already there, in this colorful, comfortable apartment, I just needed to really get there. I heard my buddies talking, though I couldn’t make out anything they were saying, but somehow interpreted their words as being descriptions of the locations in time and space that I was traveling through, as though they were providing me a road map to where I needed to be.

Then everything became layers upon layers of reality, and I realized that I was going to be traveling on this journey regardless of how much work I put into it so it was okay for me to just relax and float through the layers, knowing that I would wind up where I needed to be and that my buddies would be there waiting for me. I saw the room again, but saw multiple copies of the room moving repeatedly from the upper left of my vision to the lower right, then repeating. As time passed, the copies of the room moved slower and the number of copies slowly diminished until there was just one and I slowly realized I was a physical being again. Once I remembered I had a body and I was anchored to time and the physical realm, it still took me a minute or two before I could really talk or do anything other than lean my head back and let my tongue go limp.

In the end I wouldn’t describe the experience as particularly pleasurable, though I’m definitely glad I did it. It’s more of an interesting experience rather than a euphoric one. I find it fascinating that the human mind can become that confused and out of touch, as though you’ve literally left your body and you have no idea who or even what you are. It’s like all forms of logic are gone and all you’re left with is vague but basic concepts that you can’t quite grasp, but in the end there’s very little danger (assuming you’re in a safe place where you can’t fall and hurt yourself and have a sober buddy) and you always come back within just a few minutes with no harm done.

So I think this experience tops the one from half a decade ago. Over the years I’ve done mushrooms, acid, ecstacy, DMT, DXM, and some other mystery psychedelics, but none come close to being as powerful as salvia. Thankfully this stuff is totally legal still, possibly because it is so powerful and not really euphoric, so it’s probably not too addictive. Twice a decade, for me, seems like just about enough to remind me that this reality that we all take for granted is just a fragile interpretation of a universe that is far more complex and intense than we can imagine.

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  1. I tried a 10th of a gram of 20x this morning. Threw the rest away. Never again. I took the hit, held it then the rapture happened. House peeled away around me and it was pulling me in. Got so nauseous I couldn’t stand it. Too intense too fast. Not worth experimenting with anymore.

  2. I keep my Salvia now b/c it IS now illegal..but I will miss it.
    You wrote the way a Salvia trip really is-I couldn’t describe it except to say it’s like a wheel of cartoon like figures,much like on Rocko’s Modern Life-Both Rocko and Heffer are holding hands in my salvia trips,and this wheel goes around and they keep telling me to ‘come with them’ before it’s too late and I have to pick which reality to go with.Then I come out of it,it takes about 4 minutes total.

  3. Man, salvia is a whole different world. I started using it this week, first smoked it on Labor Day, and man have I been on a trip! Yesterday I got my first bad salvia trip, which happened because my dumbass mixed it with marijuana. However I am glad that I didn’t freak out but rather just passed out. Its the following morning and I feel so tired, disconnected, and perhaps still tripping. But I am glad that I am discovering more about my mind and the world, especially since my bad trip yesterday was contrasted with a beautiful beach landscape.

    1. Yeah, it can be an amazing experience. Just be careful not to overdo it. If you’re having a bad trip it might be your bodies way of telling you to slow down. It’s good to take a step back and assess how it’s affected your perceptions. I don’t do psychedelics more than once or twice a year, as I’ve found that provides a good mental balance.

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