Kalin’s Creamy Drink Recipe

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my liquor cabinet, missing the Irish Cream, frangelico and Kahlua
My liquor cabinet. I already drank all my Irish Cream, frangelico and Kahlua

This is my favorite drink recipe that I concocted. I haven’t had one in a while because I’m trying to save money.

1 part Irish Cream

1 part Frangelico

1 part Kahlua

1 part Soy Milk (or regular milk for those anti-soy folks)

optional: 1 part hennessy (if you like it a bit stronger)

Combine over large ice cubes. I prefer soy milk over regular milk because it’s easier on the stomach and doesn’t distract from the other flavors, but most normal people will probably prefer regular milk or–if you’re hard core–cream.

The four ingredients can be mixed in any combination; they don’t need to be even or you can leave out either the Frangelico or Kahlua and it will still be delicious.

I tried this once with a little bit of Peach Schnapps. That turned out well, however, I also tried a bit of Aftershock in this drink and that did NOT turn out well.

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