The irony of innocence

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I found this little bit that I wrote a few years ago when sifting through my old scribblings.

If a person runs from the police, many people use this as evidence of their guilt of the crime to which they are accused, but I believe this prejudice to be gravely mistaken. An innocent person, when confronted by the police with a crime is caught off guard and bombarded with numerous confusing emotions. He does not have time to think rationally, leaving him more likely to choose something like fleeing from the law. A guilty person, on the other hand, has had a significantly longer period of time to consider his choices, is well aware of the possibility of being confronted by the police, and has already decided the most practical course of action, which is to either work with, manipulate, or lie to the legal system.

The second problem is that an innocent person often has no knowledge of the actual crime, and therefore has no idea what sort of evidence might be presented against him, or what people might say, so he has a greatly reduced ability to create a believable defense.

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