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Keeping my fingers crossed that this is gonna work and people are gonna find this useful. I just posted Kalin’s PDF Creation Station to the WordPress.org directory. For some reason it doesn’t show up in the general terms search and I’m not sure why. Hopefully the data just needs some time to populate to whatever is running their searches. However, it does show up in the list of brand new plugins and is available for official download from WordPress and the stats say that 19 people have downloaded it.

Hopefully I didn’t just crash 19 websites 🙂

No, I’m just kidding. I actually think this plugin is probably safer than most other WordPress plugins, considering what I’ve been seeing lately as I delve into the code of various other plugins. I see PHP errors being thrown left and right, even in some of the most popular, highly rated plugins, to the point where turning error reporting on is not even an option in development unless I strip out most of the other plugins from my local WordPress installation. I see tons of old plugin garbage in my database and from what I’ve read from plugin reviewers, it’s rare for developers to implement security nonces in their ajax calls, and some don’t even give unique prefixes to their function names. For Creation Station I took time to make sure that I followed all the WordPress recommended coding procedures (with the exception of the whole translation system, but I can always add that in later if someone starts yelling at me in another language) including nonces (making sure I used them properly), function prefixes, deactivation procedure, only loading assets like jquery or CSS on the appropriate admin pages, loading assets in footer instead of header, using only two database entries for a multitude of configuration options and whatever other proper procedures I can’t think of at the moment.

Anyway, I’m excited that I’m contributing something physical and functional to the open-source community.

Code is poetry.

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