How to End All Fear-Based Crime

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Yesterday I posted a new true story called¬†Alekson about a couple Wiccan/Pagan friends and a little fight they had over the spells and “auras” they were throwing at each other. Normally with stories this dramatic I will change the names of the players, but this time their names are an important part of the story.

In my opinion there are two very important aspects to this story. The first is obvious: belief in spirits, magic, telepathy and other supernatural entities can have deeply disturbing psychological impacts on individuals. I think I’ve re-hashed this point enough on this website, so I’ll let the story speak for itself in that regard.

The second point is about how I believe the human race has the ability to put an end to all fear-based crimes such as muggings, holdups, bank-robberies and even some car-jackings, if all victims of these crimes were to have the courage that my friend Allison showed as a maniac was pressing a knife to her throat and screaming in her face.

We have this pervasive attitude in our culture that says that if someone threatens you, it’s okay to do whatever they say, even while we know that this is what the criminal is relying on. This attitude opens all kinds of doors for criminals. One of the most profound examples for me is the fact that the Nazi gas chambers were run almost entirely by Jewish people after threats of a death that was not as painful as what they were doing to their own people. Why do we never hear anyone discussing the moral implications of this?

I once read a book called What Cops Know, which was nothing more than a collection of interview transcripts from police officers. One of the officers mentioned that he could not understand why anyone would get in a car with someone who had a gun to their head. If they’re willing to put a gun to your head, chances are they’re willing to kill you, and why else would they want you to get in the car if not to take you somewhere that’s more convenient to kill you?

But my friend had the right idea in my opinion. The maniac in this story was not asking very much from her, yet she still refused, putting her own life in danger simply to teach him that you can’t get what you want through threats. If we were to teach this attitude in society as opposed to teaching obedience, and if people were to simply make a stand against threats of violence, we could make a major difference in the quantity and destructiveness of many crimes. This would empower the people, reduce our fear levels, and teach personal responsibility. Instead we are taught to be ruled by fear and to think only of ourselves when our lives are in danger, and to place our expectations of protection on outside governmental forces instead of on our own wits and courage. Until this changes we will continue to be victims of these kinds of crimes, we will continue to live in fear and will continue to have that fear used against us.

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