Hot Dog Topping Recipe – Hot Dog Salsa

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Just for fun I’ve decided to post some of the recipes I’ve invented over the years. I’ll start with my hot dog topping recipe.

This is a dry salsa that’s decent on tortilla chips or other mexican food, but works best as a hot dog or hamburger topping.

1 part finely diced onion

1 part finely diced green pepper

1 part finely chopped cilantro

finely diced jalapeno to taste

Chop everything up and store in the refrigerator for a couple hours–preferably 24 hours–before serving to allow flavors to blend. It’s important to note that an even part of cilantro is a TON of cilantro. The last time I did this I used one onion, one green pepper and almost an entire bundle of cilantro, though you want to remove most of the stems. Exact measurements are certainly not required.

Add a tiny squirt of ketchup and mustard and just a little cream-cheese and pile on this topping and you’ve turned those nasty hot dogs into something decent.

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