Hip Hop & Freemasonry video

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Someone sent me this video the other day. I thought it was sort of interesting, so here’s the response I threw together,

I watched that youtube video – it didn’t seem like it said all that much, though I did find interest in the point about how the idea of visualization like in The Secret, ‘visualize success’ type of thing fosters an attitude that allows us to not care about others because we think their problems are because of their own thoughts. I didn’t get the whole Bill Gates thing and the idea that Planned Parenthood is some kind of racist conspiracy. That seemed like quite a stretch to me. I don’t see how responsible reproduction and parenting could do anything but help the black community.

I don’t know about all this secret society thing — I suppose its all possible but I don’t think there’s any reliable way to come to conclusions about them, and ultimately I think if these secret societies exist that are controlling everything, it’s more of a symptom of deeper problems in the human psyche and society. If the people in these secret socieities weren’t there, someone else would just take their place. I think the root of the problem is people’s general desire to control and to be controlled.

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