Haystacks: Easy Leftover Chili Recipe

-- Download Haystacks: Easy Leftover Chili Recipe as PDF --

Kalin’s leftover chili recipe (fresh chili works too :)) This is stoner food right here.


Tortilla chips

shredded cheese

shredded lettuce

optional, though you should include something from this list to make it more interesting:

chopped cilantro

green onions

nacho veggies (onions, tomato, olives)


sour cream

Take a big serving platter (or a regular plate if you’re all by your lonesome), put down a layer of tortilla chips. Top with shredded cheese. Spread hot chili over top of that. Top with more cheese, then your shredded lettuce mixed with your optional cilantro (my favorite part), green onions and nacho veggies. Serve with sides of salsa and sour cream.

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