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Well, I actually went corporate years ago, but now I’m moving up again in the corporate world. I got hired on full-time at the agency where I’ve been working the last six months. Before this I was making more money than I felt I deserved, and now I’m making even more, plus a whole complex package of benefits.

I also get to do something I love, which is sitting in front of a computer coding fancy little user interfaces and dynamic animations for websites and banner ads.

I used to tell myself that I would never work for a major corporation, and it might seem odd that a devoted anarchist would have his own phone extension and company business card. As much as I complain about how society works I’ve found that making the best of it can build a pretty comfortable life.

I’ve realized in the last half-decade that anarchism isn’t about fighting back against the way the world works. Sometimes you need to deal with it and make the best of it. I don’t believe I’m going to change anyone’s minds by working in a kitchen the rest of my life or make any notable difference by going off the grid though I used to believe that I could.

The more corporate I become and the farther I climb up through the middle-class, the more confident I become that the whole system is skewed and unfair. I see people in the drive-through’s, working twice as hard as I do for a fraction of the pay, doing something that isn’t nearly as fun. I feel bad about that sometimes, like I’m just exploiting society and giving less back than someone who washes dishes… though I suppose you could argue that I am building things that people use and in my own tiny way, I’m pushing the bounds and expectations of technology, but the people making the WordPress plugins that do so much for this site are doing the same thing to a greater degree, and they’re not paid anything.

Most people in the corporate world are not programmers who actually build something. Instead, their jobs involve pushing money around in one form or another. In an anarchist society, all that time and energy would either be going toward making the world a better place, or toward leisure activities like spending time with family.

I still love the corporate world for my own selfish reasons. Without it I wouldn’t be able to order sushi or fancy espresso whenever I wanted. I suppose that as an anarchist that does make me a hypocrite, but I’ve decided that it’s better to be a hypocrite than to not care. As an anarchist, I would like to see a world where everyone on the planet could order sushi and fancy espresso whenever they want.

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  1. Gone Corporate!!? Count your blessings earthling. Fate deals the cards and Fate invents the games. What were the people in the drive thru windows doing when you were up late studing or waking up early to study and raise your awareness to big corporation level ? Same as you were; they were playing the hand that Fate dealt them. Some were sleeping, some were partying, and today we find that some were studing and their jobs evaporated. Some people work with their hands, others labour in the mysterious world of brain functions, The rewards for one is not the same for each sphere of toil. The only thing fair about life is that we are all here on the same earth. Brain work is infinitely more to be treasured than physical work and it’s rewards are not measured by physical activity, but by the exclusivity of skill. In any endeavor it is exclusivity or uniqueness that determines reward. It’s an immutable law of nature.
    I’d like everybody to have sushi and fine wine and lobster even. I just don’t want to be saddled with their dining bill.
    There’s great wisdon in your words, “complain about society, but make the best of it” Notice you don’t see masses of people flocking to communist countries? Enjoy your blessings. You are a kind person and

    Ken O. Mc Intosh
    Author of the book: ” Deadly Serious Comedy and Comical Calamity ”

    Ken O. Mc Intosh

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