Faith and Foolishness – Scientific American

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This is an interesting article about the state of science and faith in the United States, and how there are fewer people in the United States who believe in evolution than in most other developed nations. It also addresses the unfairness involved when people criticize religion. We’re called intolerant if we make logical connections between religion and wrongdoing or mistakes. Religions often make statements, then present them as facts for people to believe in and act on. One interesting example in the article was the opinion of many religious individuals during the early 90’s that HIV was God’s punishment against gay people. As a result of this attitude, no one cared about the epidemic until it was too late, but for some reason it’s not socially acceptable to address this and we’re accused of being haters if we do.

But at the same time, if someone of science makes an honest mistake and states something as truth when it isn’t, nobody hesitates to hold them accountable. Look at how many doctors have been sued for malpractice, when they were doing the best job they could based on the information available.

If a church, however, gives someone bad advice no one is held accountable. The one example that gets to me is when my childhood friend, Isaac Zamora, went on a killing spree in the name of Jesus, the church that taught him those values was the first place to hold a memorial for the victims. However, nobody attacked Isaac’s childhood church or their theology. Instead, people attacked the state’s mental health system for failing to counteract what was ultimately the effects of his religion.

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