Against A Rock – a novel

An Eve Online science fiction action-adventure novel by Kalin Ringkvist



Floreina is a cybernetically enhanced young woman with a vibrant future in the Amarrian Empire, a decorated turret commander and slave overseer aboard an Abaddon warship, but after a cruel “accident” and the repeated abuse of slaves, Floreina risks everything in a defiant act of mutiny.

Along the way she learns that commandeering a battleship takes more than just artificially focused cunning, automated adrenaline injections, and simple, old-fashioned brutality. For her plan to succeed, Floreina must befriend a Minmatar slave.

But plans don’t always go as planned… And as the two fight for their lives, Floreina must find a way to reconcile their friendship with the racism that drives her career.

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Bonus Materials:

Read all bonus materials as PDF

The Sequels (a detailed outline of the next three books in the series)

Viotro (a short story prelude)

Deleted Scenes: 

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Praise for Against A Rock:

“Fantastic story, if you have read the Eve book you will enjoy this.”
-Bruno Bourque

“This is amazing. A good look inside the head of the people you are writing about. Especially the Amarrian pod pilot. Only finished chapter 3 or 4. I’m loving it. Well done.”

“One thing I absolutely love is the way you write about the Ammarian God and the Ammarians’ views on slavery. You do a fantastic job showing how they think the Minmatar people are “below” them, and that they are really protecting them by enslaving them…
I think Mahran is a fantastic character. I find that he somewhat “steals the spotlight” from Floreina, his struggles between himself, his master, and his society very pivotal to the storyline…
She feels less human, even as she truly becomes human. Simply brilliant – captures the feel and nature of the character very well with that statement…
Overall, I think you’ve done a great job. Excellent depiction of characters, pretty darn cool plot, and awesome action scenes…”
-Lupus Albus

“Wow . . . just . . . wow. A truly epic conclusion!
It was awesome, from start to finish. It wasn’t quite what I expected, in all honesty – but it was awesome nonetheless.
It’s a shame that the audience is so limited, really. More people need to read this, it’s one of the best (if not, the best) examples of Eve fiction out there.”
-more from Lupus Albus

“I just want to thank Allihence for making this great story. it is one of the few stories that i have read in my life where i could not get away from the computer or my iphone to read! I was happy to have my phone because i could read it any time or any where… even in class which was bad of me or so my teacher tells me.”
-Kenshin Hemoura

“I was genuinely (and pleasantly!) surprised by how good this was…
I feel this is the best eve fiction I’ve read that wasn’t written by CCP. In fact, I liked this better than the Empyrean Age novel (which may not be a unique viewpoint in this forum, I suspect)…
…this did an excellent job of providing an enjoyable story, with deep, well-written characters to really get involved with, without breaking the tradition of eve fiction. Fantastic. Amazing. Pick any three of your favourite superlatives and insert them here.”
-Xaviar Onassis

“There are far superior works out there in cyberspace that are free, for example Kalin Ringkvist’s ‘Against A Rock’.”
-S. Artabanus (in a review on of another EVE novel called The Burning Life)

“This book contains all the elements of what you would expect from a good book. From beginning to end it is a sure masterpiece. I have never played EVE Online but this book was a great first experience to introduce me to the video game.”
-Robert Hicks

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