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Note: I have mostly discontinued support for this plugin. If you are having problems I recommend trying Advanced Post List, which is a different, more current version of this plugin.

Kalin’s Post List WordPress plugin creates a shortcode, PHP snippet, or widget for placing highly customizable lists of posts, pages, or attachments into your post content or theme. View some Examples of this plugin in use, read the help/descriptions page, or view this tutorial or download it from

I have decided to discontinue forward development on this plugin for the time being so I can concentrate on writing, but will continue answering questions, maintaining current WordPress compatibility and fixing bugs.

Here’s a screenshot of the main shortcode creation page:

This is part of the settings panel. Select your options, then save them as defaults then copy/paste the resulting shortcode into any page/post. Notice the “shortcode within the shortcode” ( [post_title], [post_permalink] ) giving you complete control over the appearance of your post list. There’s about 12 possible shortcodes. Detailed instructions are available in the admin help menu. In version 1.0 I added a feature to automatically generate the PHP function call which you can then easily copy anywhere into your theme. Custom post support, parent post support, advanced date formatting and a few other features added in version 2.0.


Here’s a list of all posts tagged “Post List WP plugin”. This list is generated by this plugin :)


Known Bugs:

These are bugs that were reported, but I can’t seem to reproduce, so they may not be real bugs or may occur only in very special situations:

  • issues using the “Require all selected categories” option on custom post pages
  • a compatibility issue with a theme that uses pagination
  • ‘page parent’ showing posts instead of pages
  • the Post List widget could not be dragged into the widget are

If you have any information about these bugs, specifically what steps I can take to reproduce them, please let me know.

Other bugs:
  • Does not work with custom taxonomies :(
  • If you pass a length parameter into the [post_excerpt] shortcode, it won’t shorten any manually created excerpts. This is by design, in case you have some posts with manual excerpts and some without, but may seem like a bug. Instructions to change this can be found in the source code, near the bottom of the postExcerptCallback function.


Future Features:

Sorry, this is cruel to list features I probably won’t implement, but if I were to come back and start development on this again, these are some things I would add …actually, Advanced Post List has implemented a couple of these features and may be adding more of them in the future.

  •  I want to add a parameter to the [post_author] shortcode so it would look like [post_author type=”display_name”] so you can choose “display_name”, “user_login”, “ID”, or “profile_url”.
  • same thing with [post_thumb] so you can select the size of the image
  • custom taxonomy support
  • ability to list by author
  • ability to list comments as though they were posts
  • ability to select post status, so you can list only future posts or exclude private posts, etc.
  • ability to export all your presets to a JSON string or file, so you could save all your presets to your local computer, just in case your WordPress crashed or you needed to transfer them to a new blog.
  • advanced sorting to allow orderby to work for post slug or category
  • multi-level listing, such as ability to list off categories/tags/parents with sub-posts listed below each
  • exclude specific posts. just a textfield where you can enter post ids to exclude from the list
  • Other-plugin shortcode processing in post content: In the cases where you’re displaying full post content, it would be cool to have a parameter setting whether or not you want other-plugin shortcodes to be processed.
  • ability to paginate results
  • ability to offset results so you don’t have to start your list on the very first item

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