Post List WordPress Plugin

Note: I have mostly discontinued support for this plugin. If you are having problems I recommend trying Advanced Post List, which is a different, more current version of this plugin.

Kalin’s Post List WordPress plugin creates a shortcode, PHP snippet, or widget for placing highly customizable lists of posts, pages, or attachments into your post content or theme. View some Examples of this plugin in use, read the help/descriptions page, or view this tutorial or download it from

I have decided to discontinue forward development on this plugin for the time being so I can concentrate on writing, but will continue answering questions, maintaining current WordPress compatibility and fixing bugs.

Here’s a screenshot of the main shortcode creation page:

This is part of the settings panel. Select your options, then save them as defaults then copy/paste the resulting shortcode into any page/post. Notice the “shortcode within the shortcode” ( [post_title], [post_permalink] ) giving you complete control over the appearance of your post list. There’s about 12 possible shortcodes. Detailed instructions are available in the admin help menu. In version 1.0 I added a feature to automatically generate the PHP function call which you can then easily copy anywhere into your theme. Custom post support, parent post support, advanced date formatting and a few other features added in version 2.0.


Here’s a list of all posts tagged “Post List WP plugin”. This list is generated by this plugin 🙂


Known Bugs:

These are bugs that were reported, but I can’t seem to reproduce, so they may not be real bugs or may occur only in very special situations:

  • issues using the “Require all selected categories” option on custom post pages
  • a compatibility issue with a theme that uses pagination
  • ‘page parent’ showing posts instead of pages
  • the Post List widget could not be dragged into the widget are

If you have any information about these bugs, specifically what steps I can take to reproduce them, please let me know.

Other bugs:
  • Does not work with custom taxonomies 🙁
  • If you pass a length parameter into the [post_excerpt] shortcode, it won’t shorten any manually created excerpts. This is by design, in case you have some posts with manual excerpts and some without, but may seem like a bug. Instructions to change this can be found in the source code, near the bottom of the postExcerptCallback function.


Future Features:

Sorry, this is cruel to list features I probably won’t implement, but if I were to come back and start development on this again, these are some things I would add …actually, Advanced Post List has implemented a couple of these features and may be adding more of them in the future.

  •  I want to add a parameter to the [post_author] shortcode so it would look like [post_author type=”display_name”] so you can choose “display_name”, “user_login”, “ID”, or “profile_url”.
  • same thing with [post_thumb] so you can select the size of the image
  • custom taxonomy support
  • ability to list by author
  • ability to list comments as though they were posts
  • ability to select post status, so you can list only future posts or exclude private posts, etc.
  • ability to export all your presets to a JSON string or file, so you could save all your presets to your local computer, just in case your WordPress crashed or you needed to transfer them to a new blog.
  • advanced sorting to allow orderby to work for post slug or category
  • multi-level listing, such as ability to list off categories/tags/parents with sub-posts listed below each
  • exclude specific posts. just a textfield where you can enter post ids to exclude from the list
  • Other-plugin shortcode processing in post content: In the cases where you’re displaying full post content, it would be cool to have a parameter setting whether or not you want other-plugin shortcodes to be processed.
  • ability to paginate results
  • ability to offset results so you don’t have to start your list on the very first item

119 thoughts on “Post List WordPress Plugin”

  1. El sexto punto, es que no hay un nombre de dominio que sea universalmente adecuado, siempre existirán personas que no les guste lo odien, por eso debes
    decidir en base a lo que más se ajuste a tu negocio y mejor
    lo refleje.

    1. Was this question meant for my PDF Creation Station page? If so, then yes. You need to set the default in the creation station settings to not show the link. Then in the post’s edit page, you can override that setting.
      Does that answer your question?

  2. Hi Kalin,

    I love your plugin as ever, and have been using it for two years.

    Tonight, I found what might be an improvement in the thumbnails, which I think became an issue with a recent WordPress update. I changed the line:

    $arr = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $page->ID ), 'single-post-thumbnail' );


    $arr = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $page->ID ), 'thumbnail' );

    This make the [thumb] code get the actual thumbnail for the post, rather than a shrunken version of the featured image at its original dimensions.

  3. Hey, cool Plugin!
    I have one question: I’ve made a dropdown list with your plugin for my posts. Now the top post of this list which is shown by default is never clickable – even when I’m on another page or post or whatever. So it’s only possible to start with the second post and those further on. Do you have any suggestions how I can change this behaviour?

    1. I’m not sure. I tried my pageDropdown_100 preset which is a dropdown menu and the top entry works fine. All I can think is there must be an issue with your HTML.

      1. Hello Kalin – I try it again because it didn’t take all my written stuff before:
        Thanks for your really quick reply. Yeah, that helped, I now solved the problem with the dropdown list without using a button. As I was not being able to choose the first item as you suggested I now set this first item just named “please choose”. So for anyone else who is interested or has the same problem, here is the full code for the dropdown list of your Kalin’s post list with items being choosable just by picking them with the mouse without button:

        In the “Before list HTML” area:
         --- Please choose an item ---
        In the “List item content” area:
        [post_title] /option>
        And finally in the “After List HTML” Area:
        Works perfect for me – great plugin!

    2. Hi Kalin
      Thanks for the answer. I guess I need to precise my request. If you look here:
      you will see the dropdown list on the bottom of the right sidebar. I modified it so that the choosen post opens just by scrolling to an item in the list – without pressing any “enter”-button. Now the top item which is by default shown will never be chooseable …
      Do you have any suggestions or a workaround to solve this problem?

      1. I think I remember this being an issue and why I used the button. It’s kind of a problem with the basic concept of a dropdown menu like that. I’m not that great with HTML but what I think you can do is have the first element be a prompt to select something from the list so the first actual item shows up as the second item in the list.

      2. Hi Kalin
        Thanks for your really quick reply. Yeah, that helped, I now solved the problem with the dropdown list without using a button. As I was not being able to choose the first item as you suggested I now set this first item just named “please choose”. So for anyone else who is interested or has the same problem, here is the full code for the dropdown list of your Kalin’s post list with items being choosable just by picking them with the mouse without button:

        In the “Before list HTML” area:

        --- Please choose an item ---
        In the “List item content” area:
        And finally in the “After List HTML” Area:


        Works perfect for me – great plugin!

  4. Hello,

    I used your plugin to ad links to posts in a widget area.
    It works fine in IE but links though generated are not clickable in Chrome.
    I’m using version 22.0.1229.79 m

    I have a list of posts links on the left. They are clickable in the home page (which is a page) but not clickable in posts.

    I’m using Twenty Ten 1.3

    I found a solution
    I placed

    just before the footer in single.php like it was in page.php

    Now links are clickable

    Not sure why

  5. Nice plugin Kalin.

    I just wonder, is there a way to sort by custom meta key field?

    You see, I like to sort all my posts by experiation date, and wanted to set my list to order by that instead.

  6. Hi Kalin,

    as Sebastian said, it would be great to have te possibility to define a rule that only select posts that have category 1 AND tag 1

    Actually the plugin works only with OR query between categories and tags, am I right?

    It is very very useful for my work and better than “W4 Post List” plugin that uses only categories and no tags…


  7. Hello Kalin, I am very fond of your plugin!. But, I have a question about your plugins. Can I use your plugin for custom element html, I mean ” I’d like to create a pdf file for my custom div. I don’t wanna create for post or comment or pages!. Is there anyway to do it?

    1. Hi, sorry it took so long to reply. I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Are you just trying to make a PDF out of an arbitrary HTML string? You’ll need to be a bit more specific about what you’re trying to do.

  8. love this plugin! Should be an easy question for you…

    I’m trying to replace my theme’s shortcodes for lists with your lists. Most of these lists are broken up into chunks of 25. So to display the second list, I need to offset the first list by 25. I saw an offset code, but don’t see how to apply it here.

    Any suggestions?

    1. I thought about this a couple times when I was making this plugin and totally forgot to implement it. It would actually be pretty easy. All you’d need to do is add a textfield to the admin which passes an offset value directly into the get_posts() call, but I forgot to put it in by the time I finally gave up development and apparently I don’t even have it in the list of Future Features (the ones that I’ll probably never implement), but I’ll add it in right now, just to taunt people. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  9. thank you oodles and bunches and lots for this wonderful plugin. I didn’t need anything fancy (or not that I’ve thought of right now) and was dreading the idea of manually creating cross references to all the items in a moving target!

    I understand you’ve decided to take a break…and I’ve installed your plugin on the latest version of WordPress (3.3.1). Although it gives a warning, so far it has work properly.

    Any idea if there are issues with the latest version of WP?

    love and light, hugs and blessings

    1. As far as I know it’s been working fine with new versions of WP. If not, I have every intention of fixing bugs as they come up, assuming I can reproduce them. Can you tell me what kind of warning you got? I assume you had debug mode set to true? I do like to keep my code free of warnings, even in debug mode.

  10. does anyone know how Kalin’s great plug in works with Search Engines? Does googlebot see the content or does it only see the short code?

    1. The list is compiled on the backend before being sent to the browser, so google and other search engines should see the list content and not the shortcode.
      Thanks for using 🙂

  11. Can you tell me how to get the title of the current post to display in the list when I select a post to go to. currently it just defaults to the top of the list rather than displaying the current page

    1. Well, if you use shortcodes in the before and after list html section they should apply to the current page rather than the list item, so you should be able to use [post_title] either before or after the list item content. Not quite sure what you mean by “select a post to go to”. I guess I’m not really sure what you’re asking. There’s an “Exclude current post from results” checkbox which must be un-checked if you want the current post included in the list.

  12. I love this Plugin! How did you manage to combine categories and tags? I haven’t found this somewhere else (but maybe I was looking at the wrong places).

    And I have a question: is there a maximum of posts which can be displayed. I have a combination of 1 category and 1 tag with maybe 50 post-titles, and I get a “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted” (I have a memory limit of 64mb and a maximum post size of 8mb).
    Or maybe I did something wrong: is the preset shortcode limited(- e.g. no blank space or special characters)?

    Thank you,

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard of people getting up to around 175 posts before it crashes on them. Does it work for you with fewer than 50? If so it’s probably a memory issue or maybe you’ve got tons of content in the posts since it has to load each and every post in its entirety in order to compile the list (a good reason to have a caching plugin running).

      You might be able to go into the
      PHP and play with the timeout… assuming that’s what’s causing the
      issue. On every loop, just set the timer back to zero. I forget how,
      so you’ll need to be comfortable with PHP to get it to work.

      Maybe something else you could do is break your lists up into several
      mini-lists, though if you’re showing them all on the same page, you
      might wind up having the exact same issue.

      another idea too: you could set it to output say, 40
      posts, then publish that page and copy and paste the html into a new
      page, then make another list that remains dynamic and is placed at the end
      of the first list so that the first part of your list is static
      and the final part is dynamic and can grow, but the end-user never
      sees the difference. The page would perform a whole lot better too when it gets generated.

  13. Kalin,

    Could you give me a hint, or just explain how I could display the contents of a post custom field in the output from Post List?

    So the output would look something like:

    Post Title | Excerpt | Custom Field


    1. You would use something like this: “[post_title] | [post_excerpt] | [post_meta name=”custom_field_name”]”
      Then you’d simply replace “custom_field_name” with the correct name of the field.

  14. Hi!

    I would like to use the list no 7 “everything numbered” as it is by default. I want the list on the index page of my blog (called “home”). Is it only to click on load then, and paste the php code somewhere? If so I just can’t find out where to paste the php code. And it seems like I don’t have a drop down meny with detalied instructions as you mention.

    1. To insert the PHP code you need to know a little bit about PHP and how your theme is set up. You certainly don’t need to be an expert but if you’re not familiar with your theme, you might be totally lost.
      Basically you’ll need to open ‘edit’, which I believe is under “appearance” or “theme”, then find the correct php file, perhaps something like “home.php”, “index.php” or something like that. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but themes all seem to be set up a little differently.
      As for the help menu, I actually moved it out of the plugin itself and put it here. Is there a place where I forgot to update the information to point to the correct location?

      1. OK, I saw your tips here about the help page dropdown:

        Well, I don’t know php and don’t dare to try pasting the code somewhere. So, if I want tge list no 7 “everything numbered” what should I do? I still don’t get it after I have read your instructions. I guess I need to type someting within these [] but what? And what where should I paste that html code aften I have typed this?

      2. Yeah if you know nothing about themes or php, you might want to stay away from the php snippet. The other two options are to use a sidebar widget which should show up in your widgets page. Or you can use the shortcode which should be displayed in the table of presets. Just copy that shortcode into your post content when you create or edit a post.

  15. Hi! Great plugin! I was wondering if the plugin can fetch the first picture in the post? I means if I haven’t loaded the picture up with wordpress.

    I was thinking of using certain tags on a list on a page, and using thumbnails from the first pic in the post.

  16. Thanks for this incredible plugin, Kalin. I installed it today, and I really like it. I especially like how customizable it is.

    There were two things in the code I changed that made it work a little better for me.

    [post_thumb] kept bringing up my full-sized featured image, not my thumbnail. I changed “single-post-thumbnail” to “thumbnail” in the code, and that fixed it.

    [post_author] brought up my login name, not my display name. I switched “user_login” in the code to “display_name” and that worked.

    I’ve been looking for a plugin just like this, and it works great. Thanks a lot.

  17. Kalin – really great series of plugins…I can see why you made the comment you were not hurting for programming jobs!!

    For the post_content shortcode, it carries over the content and text formatting, but not the post formatting (breaks, indents etc). Is that due to my theme or just the nature of post_content. I read you can carry over a like post using: post_content); ?>

    Just wanted to check in case I missed something.

      1. Hi thanks for trying the plugin – I’m not totally clear on what you’re asking — [post_content] shortcode doesn’t really do anything fancy, I don’t think. It just grabs the content as it is in the database and outputs it. You could adjust how it works, of course, by digging into the source code.

      2. I have the exact same issue.
        I use Atahualpa 3.6.7 and WordPress 3.2.1.
        Another theme didn’t do the trick.
        Turning off other plugins doesn’t help either.
        I’m not at all sure this is a bug the Post List WordPress Plugin.
        I’ll keep you posted.

  18. Hello! This is the pluging I was looking for. I have read all the above comments and have tried each solution but I can’t get the thumbnail to be shown. I’m using the last version of WP. Where do I get the thumbnails? Please help! Thanks a lot.

    1. You can show a post’s featured image by using the [post_thumb] shortcode. This will give you the url to the image, which you can then wrap in an img tag. Remember this requires theme support and it requires you to actually set the featured image on the post’s edit page.

    1. Actually just earlier today I updated this page to list my wish list of future features, one of which is the ability to list by author, so no sorry, it can’t do it yet.

    1. It’s just the same as settings panels for other plugins. Install the plugin, activate it, then in your admin, on the left, near the bottom, under “settings”, you should see a link that says “Kalin’s Post List”. You may need to refresh the page after activating.

  19. I’m using the post list plugin to generate dynamic bulleted lists of content (i.e. Recent Posts, etc.)

    The issue that I am having is that the list that the shortcode puts out is not effected by the sites styling for bulleted lists, and I have not found a way to specify a custom style for the plugin’s output list.

    The site is in development – the lists are in the content blocks just above the footer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Matt D

    1. My guess is that this is an issue with your theme, like perhaps you’ve got the post list in a div that’s styled differently. Are you able to manually create a bulleted list within the post content and have it styled properly? Often times themes style things differently depending on if they’re in the sidebar or inside the post content. If necessary you can use inline CSS within the Post List. There’s an example of CSS being used in the CSSTable preset.

  20. Thanks for making this great plugin, which made it possible for me to style my blog in a kind of magazine style without having to resort to buying a premium magazine theme. I now have a front page which displays the latest posts per category, a sidebar on posts showing other recent posts from all categories and a footer with a list of recent posts from selected categories. Although it does take some tweaking and HTML-ing to make this work they way I want, the basic versatility of the plugin is amazing. Kudos on a job well done! I’m even considering abandoning my “Related posts”-plugin in favor of this one, because it’s much easier to style and configure.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. I checked out, and you’ve got some nice looking lists there. I think you implemented my plugin on your website better than I did on mine.

      1. Thanks for the compliments. I am just happy to show (off) how the plugin can be put to use. Just thinking, and not being a WP or PHP coder, would it be possible to include “recent comments” in an updated version of the plugin? As it is now, while it is possible to show the the comments on the, say, last 5 posts, if there are any, it doesn’t seem possible to show the the last 5 comments.

      2. Yeah, I’ve thought about that off and on. I might try to add comments lists in the next upgrade, though I still need to think about how to implement it, since everything will need to operate a little differently when dealing with a comment as opposed to a page/post.

  21. Here’s what I did:
    – checked the category in the Category list
    – clicked the Save to Preset button
    – copied the shortcode [post_list preset="accom"]
    – pasted the shortcode into a page’s content area
    – updated the page

    When I view the page nothing shows up. What am I missing?

    1. What do you have in the “List Item Content” field? That’s the field that actually gets displayed (once for every post in the list). Did you try loading in one of the default presets first? I normally start from a default preset and alter it to what I need.
      You might also need to enter a number into the ‘show count’ field.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply. I can’t find the “List Item Content” field. Where should I be looking? Do I have to create it as a custom field?

        I tried the “everythingID” default preset and it worked fine.

      2. Oh, sorry, the “list item content” field is in the Post List settings page, where you set up all the options for your preset, not the edit post page. You can see it in the screenshot above, between “Before list html” and “after list HTML”.

    2. That field and the Before List HTML and After List HTML are all blank. This is after I checked the category and clicked the Save to Preset button. Should there be code in these fields?

      1. No, there won’t be any code in those fields until you either write it yourself or load a preset for editing. Just go down the page and click ‘load’ on any preset and that should populate those fields. Then you can edit the code, select your categories, order, etc and save it over the preset or change the name and save it as a new list. Once saved, an example of your list should pop up under all your form fields, so you can get an idea what the final list will look like.
        Have you read through the help menu that drops down from the upper-right of your WordPress admin in the Post List settings page? It gives descriptions of all the different fields. I know this plugin has a little bit of a learning curve, but that’s the drawback of having it so customizable. I’ve been meaning to make a little video tutorial, but that whole time crunch thing always gets me 🙂

      2. I didn’t realize the Help tab was specific to the settings. I thought it was the generic WordPress help.

        I think I get how to implement the plugin now. Thanks for all your help and your patience.

  22. Hey Kalin!

    The way I understand it, sorting a list by “name” should sort a list of posts by the posts’ slugs, the bit of the permalink which is unique for each post. However, ordering a list of posts by “name” now currently sorts them by date added.

    I really need the ability to sort by slug .. could you fix this? Otherwise, thanks for a brilliant plugin 🙂


    1. Damn, I wonder if something changed in the WordPress core, since I could swear I had this working before, like how they took away the ability to sort by category id around version 2.7 or so. Not sure when I’m gonna be able to work on this though.

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        If you want to have a look, this is one example list generated by your plugin :

        As you can see it’s actually a table and the order (which is by name) looks pretty random at the moment (they’re appear to be sorted by date).

        Please let me know if you have any ideas for a quick fix to this problem, even if it’s one that would disable the ability to sort the list by any other means!

    1. Hi, thanks for pointing this out. Can you be a little more specific, like what theme are you using and what’s it doing? I hope to get back to development on this but unfortunately am very busy for the next few weeks, but at some point I do intend to get all this kind of stuff worked out.

      1. No problem, I use a premium theme from Themeforest called Breeze, by Unisphere. It has a built in pagination. Whenever I activate your plugin and click on the number of other pages, let’s say, page 2, it simply doesn’t load the second page of posts (reloads the main page). I guess it was a conflict because when I deactivated your plugin it worked again.

        At least I wasn’t effectively using the plugin, only testing because it seemed a nice way to make posts that would agregate news about a certain artist or book title in a very easy, dynamic way. But apart from that issue I didn’t notice any problem.

    1. There is an easy way to show nothing but a post excerpt, which is just to put nothing but the [post_excerpt] shortcode into the list item content field.

      As for the listing by post status feature, no, currently that option is not available, though I suppose I should add it, since I think the ability is built into the get_posts() WordPress function that I’m using. I originally put this feature as low priority since I didn’t see any reason why someone would want a list of something that hasn’t been posted yet, but I suppose there’s a number of edge cases where someone would want that. I have no idea when I’m ever gonna get back to developing this, as now I’ve started learning the iPhone sdk instead 🙂

  23. sorry for this basic question but I am new at this. In the admin/ widget wordpress page, I can’t drag the widget to the sidebar(or anywhere). Do you know what may be wrong, or another way for me to display the list in the footer? Thanks, I know it will be great when I get it figured out!

    1. I occasionally have problems with my widget page dragging as well. Usually I refresh the page or just keep trying. Although when this happens it’s a problem with all widgets. Is this happening only to my widget or to all of them? If it’s only happening to the Post List widget, can you tell me what theme you’re using, and any other widget plugins you may have installed? If it happens to all of them, I’d search the WordPress forums for a solution.
      The other way to add a Post List into your footer is to write the PHP call into your theme if you know PHP. A little code snippet shows up on the settings page that you can copy into your theme.

      1. It is only post list widget that I can’t drag. When I click on it “Preset Name:Preset Name:Preset ” displays over and over filling up the available widgets window. The only other widgets I have installed are search and archives. The other plugins I have installed are photo galleria and 1-click retweet/share. I am use a theme from Grapph Paper Press called Modularity. Is there much php knowledge required to write it into the theme? Is there a place to read up on it?

      2. Wow, that’s a wacky problem you’ve got there. Sorry about that. Unfortunately I don’t have much time right now to look into it, but I’ll keep it near the top of my to do list when I come back. Maybe try deleting and reinstalling the plugin, but I don’t know what that would change.
        To get the PHP snippet to work you pretty much just copy and paste it into your theme wherever you need it, making sure it’s inside php tags or alongside other php code. The hardest part is figuring out how your theme is set up and where to drop the code. You should have some kind of footer.php page in your theme.

      3. I deleted the plugin, then re-installed via FTP and got the same problem. But it was a lot easier than I thought to insert the PHP and now it works perfectly!

  24. Just find your plugin: it seems to be very nice your way to create shortcodes. But I have 2 important questions (maybe I have to study it better!):
    1) I’m creating a magazine blog and I’ll use your plugin to show several categories lists (sport, politics, economy…) with thumbnails of the posts but and I don’t see how to insert a thumbnail before the excerpt, title and the rest. How to do to add images?;
    2) is it possible to get a shortcode code 😉 and put it in a page/post?
    Hope the thumbnails can be added, at least: your plugin is perfect and I do want to use it! 😉 Thank you

    1. 1)Near the bottom of the page there’s a list of shortcodes that you can use within the “list item content” field. there is a [post_thumb] shortcode that you can insert which pulls the post’s featured image. Now this just grabs the url so you’ll need to remember to wrap it in an image tag like so:<img src="[post_thumb]"> to get it to display correctly.

      2)Yeah, you can put the lists directly into a page/post. That was the whole point of the plugin before I added the widget and PHP snippet features. Partway down the settings page you’ll see a table of preset names. In the right column is the shortcode you’ll need to use to put that list in a page. Just copy and paste that into a page/post. It should look something like this: [post_list preset="presetName"]

      1. 1) Probably my code is wrong, I don’t see the thumb, but I’m not so used to…

        [post_title] di [post_author] - [post_date format="d-m-Y"][post_excerpt] continua

        2) oh, I see… now!

      2. I think this is something more like what you’re looking for. I didn’t see the [post_thumb] shortcode in your code.

        <img src="[post_thumb]"><a href="[post_permalink]" rel="nofollow">[post_title]</a> di [post_author] - [post_date format="d-m-Y"][post_excerpt] <a href="[post_permalink]" rel="nofollow">continua</a>

      3. Sorry it was a mistake in copying/pasting. I have a problem with thumbnails because I have TimThumb, Get The Image, WP function for thumbnails and so on. Don’t know exactly what to do with them all. Inserting manually a thumbnail it shows near the excerpts and other fields with your plugin. The only problem is how to show correctly author’s name. Where can I change for displaying first name and last name? Thank you, your plugin is really powerful!

      4. There’s a [post_author] shortcode, but this probably just gives you the author’s screenname. Now that I look at it, I suppose I should add shortcodes so you can get author’s full name and email address too. Unfortunately that’s one of those things that just didn’t occur to me for some reason. Probably because I never use authors on my own site since I’m the only one here. I’ll try to add it in version 4.0 if I ever get back around to working on these plugins.
        One thing you can do if you know PHP to get the author’s full name is use the PHP injection function and write a quick script to do it.

  25. Thanks for a brilliant plugin! 🙂

    I’m using your plugin to create dynamic lists of posts, f.ex from a category called album reviews. I am sorting these by title. The only thing I miss is the possibility of sorting by title in such a way that words like “A”, “AN” and “THE” fall to the back of the title.

    F.ex, now it sorts titles like this :

    The Apricot

    The apricot would be sorted under “T”. I’d like it to be sorted like this :

    The Apricot

    Where “The Apricot” gets sorted as if the title was “Apricot, The”.

    Just a suggestion for future updates. I’ve tried a few post lister plugins and yours is by far the best! Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks Tore, glad you like it.
      The way I’d recommend doing the correct alphabetization thing would be to order by name instead of title, then go through and make sure all of your post slugs are equal to their title without the unwanted words.

  26. It would be nice to have the possibility to select whether the Categories or Tags filter operate in an AND or OR way.

    Currently the Categories are cummulative, that is if I select Category 1 and Category 2, both will be included.

    As I intend to use your plugin to create a highly customized posts list, it would be great to have te possibility to define a rule that only select posts that have both Category 1 and Category 2.

    Perhaps a simple checkbox in the config screen can provide this behaviour globally on each Preset.

    Thank you very much.


    1. Hmm… interesting idea. I’ll look into, probably in the next month or so, and see how difficult it’ll be to implement something like this.

  27. Is it possible to paste the shortcodes directly into one of my template files? For example, I saved a custom preset and I’m wanting to have the shortcode inside of index.php to show my custom list on the home page.

    My problem is, the shortcode isn’t being parsed, it’s just being displayed in plain text on the page itself.


    1. Ignore that – I had a typo in my php code.

      Now though, is there a shortcode I can use for post category? I tried [post_category] even though it wasn’t listed in the shortcode list but noticed that doesn’t work.


      1. Ah… yes, shortcode for post categories. My plan was to add that as soon as I figured out how to do shortcode parameters so it could handle posts with multiple categories. Then that came around and I forgot about it. I can also do it with post_tags. It’ll probably be something like: [post_tags delimeter=”, ” link=”false”] with the ‘link’ parameter indicating whether or not you want each tag/cat in the list to link to its appropriate page, and ‘delimiter indicating how you want each item separated.
        I’ll add this to my to-do list.

  28. Hi, I tested your plugins and some things just don’t work:
    – if I select page no dropdown box for parent appears
    – if I save a preset under a different name the list is not updated.

    Any knows issues? I am running 3.0.4 with 45 plugins.

    1. For the page-parent dropdown, that feature is not available yet. I’ve written the code for that, but I am not going to release it until version 2.0 in a week or so because there’s some other testing and bug-squashing I need to do.

      As for it not saving under a new name, I’m not sure what might be happening. You’re talking about the list on the settings page and not the list on the page that the shortcode generates, right? Does it show up if you refresh the page? 45 plugins huh? Doesn’t that make your blog slow to a crawl? I’ll double-check to make sure all my functions and variables are uniquely prefixed here in the next couple days or so, but I’m pretty sure I was good about doing that.

  29. Great idea for a plug-in, seems to be just what we need… One question, is it possible to include php within the “list item content” field? And if so, what’s the best way to do this?


    1. No, at this time it won’t work with inserted PHP. You could probably hack the plugin to add hard-coded functions and stuff. You could add a new shortcode that referred to a specific function value or something, but as it’s set up now, you can’t add PHP. JavaScript, of course, is no problem.
      I just found that PHP has an eval() function (I’m still a little new to PHP), so I’ll add this idea to my to-do list, though no guarantees, and it won’t get into the V 2.0 release I’m hoping to put out in the next couple weeks.
      At first I was thinking I would add a PHP shortcode with the actual PHP as a parameter, but then I thought maybe you could just insert PHP directly into the content field and I could use a regex to find the opening/closing php tags and pull out the code to run it through eval().
      Cool idea. I’ll look into it, but no telling if I’ll be able to make it work.

  30. Excellent plug-in, I use it a lot on the site I run for my daughter’s work.

    One thing — and I may just be missing something here as I’m fairly new to WordPress — when I use the [post_excerpt] shortcode I’d like to see a “read more” link to the rest of the post. Is this do-able… or would it depend on the theme I’m using?

    Thanks for your great work.

    1. Hey, thanks for using the plugin. I’m glad someone is getting something out of it.
      Yeah, you can make a “read more” link, but you have to manually enter the HTML. It would look something like this:
      [post_excerpt] <a href="[post_permalink]">read more...</a>
      Just add that in the List item content field and save the preset.

  31. Oops, just thought of some other things., meant as feedback….

    – insert thumbnail without using exerpts.
    – limit amount of caracters / words in excerpts.

    … they are just some ideas….

    1. You mean a function/shortcode that scrapes the post and pulls out an image to use as a thumbnail? That’s not a bad idea. Maybe someday.
      Yeah, I’ve thought about setting custom excerpt length. I could put that in once I get a shortcode parameter system worked out.

  32. Dear Kalin,

    Great plugin. I have one question: the time stamp comes with the [post_date] code. Is there a way to snip off the time and to change the time/dat format?

    I’ll read your blog shortly too. It looks very interesting…..

    Thanks in advance and greetings


    1. No, currently there is no way to change the formatting of the timestamp. This has been bugging me for a while on both this plugin and my PDF Creation Station plugin. I intend to change this at some point and come up with a system to allow parameters within my plugin shortcodes, but I can’t promise when that will happen as I’ve been super busy lately.

      1. Ah, the most interesting part of this was to take the timestamp off entirely and just display a date with shortcode [post_date] , but I understand that this may be the same issue as changing the timestamp.

        Thanks for your reaction, despite your busyness…. 🙂

      2. I’m currently working on V 2.0 of Post List and I’ve already written and tested the code for a ‘format’ parameter to the time shortcodes, so you will be able to totally customize the display. The same code is currently running in PDF Creation Station. I’ve also added custom post type support. But it’ll be another couple weeks before I release the next Post List cuz I want to add a couple more features like the ability to list pages based on parents, and I need to squash a bug where post titles are not being displayed properly if they contain quotation marks.

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