The Lake Shore

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On Halloween one year I found myself driving aimlessly with my girlfriend in the outskirts of Skagit Valley. Somehow we stumbled upon a small, secluded lake, right off a well-paved but mostly unused road. We saw development signs scattered around one side of this lake with maps, sales pitches, artist renderings and floor plans. In a year this lake would be anything but secluded, so we felt obligated to take advantage of it while we were here.

We came to the edge of the lake and an old campground with a couple picnic tables, swing set, and a little dock. But still there was no one in sight. We did hear some construction workers off in the distance, and knew they were up on the hill where we had driven in, behind rows of fir trees.

So we decided the lake shore would be the perfect place to have sex, so we got naked and went at it.

With this girlfriend, our staple was doggy-style. She didn’t enjoy any other positions. So as we fucked I glanced around the lake, wondering if some teenagers were hiding in the hills watching us or something, so I started circling my arm over my head like a lasso. I smacked her ass a few times, which is a must for proper doggy-style, but used long dramatic strokes originating from high over my head. Then I simply put my hands behind my head like I was kicking back and relaxing and just tried to last as long as I could.

Some time later we returned to the car and headed back out. We turned back the way we had come to drive back toward town and pulled up to the same construction workers we had passed on the way in.

They had the left lane blocked off for just a short distance. A young woman at the front of the crew held out her stop sign and pulled us to a stop. She started talking on her radio.

As we waited for her to flip her sign around, I commented, “There’s nobody coming from the other direction – why can’t we just go?”

But my girlfriend was noticing something else. “That lady looks like she’s having a great day…”

And I looked back at the flagger, and saw her huge grin as she chatted into the walkie-talkie. “She does look tremendously happy to be on a construction crew,” I said.

But still we waited as she chatted on her radio.

Finally she turned the sign around and grinned widely as she waved us past.

There was about seven or eight other construction workers in the left lane around various pieces of equipment and holes in the pavement, and one by one as we drove past, they each stopped and tipped their hats and smiled.

Then we noticed immediately behind them, only a single row of fir trees, and beyond that a clear and open view of the lake shore.

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