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This is some links to fiction writers resources that I use or have used to help with my fiction writing. If you have anything to add, post a comment and if I like your link I’ll add it to my list.

thesaurus with tons of results:

a similar thesaurus with pop-out definitions:

a simple thesaurus:

Oford English Dictionary (UK):

Merriam Webster Dictionary (US):

simple random name generator:

random name generator with ethnicity settings:

random generator for things like settings, technology, character names, magic spells and a ton of other stuff:

Fiction Writing articles:
A huge index of articles related to fiction writing
Another large list of fiction writing articles

Learn The elements of a Novel
A series of articles about conflict, characters, and plot that applies to short stories as well as novels

A small but helpful set of creative writing exercises and tips

Writing the Perfect Scene

Adding Dimension to Your Characters – by Gayle Trent

Developing Your Writing Style by Ginny Wiehardt

Basic Plot by Ginny Wiehardt

The Standard Deviations of Writing – by Roger MacBride Allen

Some Common Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them – by Melisa Michaels
a guide on the most common grammar mistakes

The Little Problems that Count in Writing – by Carol Hegberg
on improving sentence structure

Five Fiction Mistakes that Spell Rejection – by Moira Allen

Characters & Storytelling – by Trana Mae Simmons
the significance of characterization in science fiction

Spice Up Your Dialogue – by Arlene & Terry Robinson
ten simple things you can do to improve your dialogue

SCENE CHECKLIST – The Big Twelve – by Bonnie Hill
list of points to consider for every scene in your story


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